Having grown up with acne-prone skin I think it’s safe to say I’ve tried every form of moisturizer there is out there. I even get scared to shave with a razor because of how dry and cracked it leaves my skin. You can’t imagine how excited I was to find SKINN’s Moisture Repair for men. A whole range, only for men…Awesome!

This unique little gem targets that tight, dry skin you get after shaving. Instead of having skin that feels like sandpaper a few hours after shaving, it leaves it in pretty good ‘nic! Red bumps heal quickly and my skin doesn’t look so angry. I found myself using this god-given gift all over my face, simply because it made my skin feel pretty damn smooth. Ok- it was also because I decided to go back to the designer stubble and maintain the trimmed effect to make me look less like a child! But, regardless it still worked to keep the skin under my beard hydrated and fresh.

SKINN for men is an Aussie brand that creates results-orientated products just for the fellas. I would bet this can make the toughest skin soft as a babies bum inno time. Their range covers off everything you could want in your daily regime.

SKINN Moisture Repair retails for $69 and is available in Australia.

Fellas, what is your go-to moisturiser?

*PR sample

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