Enter into my humble abode, and a scent will surely follow. Yep, my house houses more candles than a fashion store stocks clothes – it is overflowing! So, in the event of a candle Tsunami, I thought I would wade through my top picks for a superb smelling house, and let you in on my fave scent-ual candles to light! 


Gascoigne & King ‘Belle’ Candle*

All I want for my Christmas is… stockpiles of these catastrophically exquisitely scented Gascoigne & King candles – specifically the Belle (or Tobacco) variety! “Catastrophically” because it is an all encompassing nasal-nirvana that needs to be smelt. It would be a serious shame for you NOT to buy: it truly is that nasally-agreeable.

Belle is a perfect combination of Bamboo, Spearmint, Bergamot, Tea Leaf, Geranium Orange, Honeysuckle and Jasmine. Inspired by the uplifting scents of spring and cut grass, this baby has been burning the midnight oil all week – bringing in fresh new scents into my musty abode!

Gascoigne & King candle makers, I truly would like to give you a massive hug pat on the back!

Gascoinge & King is available in Australia.


 Heyland and Whittle Citrus and Lavender*

When I first moved into my flat – there was an overwhelming stench the reared its ugly head from underneath my basin. It was a weird stench that crept out into the bathroom and dumped its horrid nasally-displeasing scent all throughout my calming space… My bathroom! So, I obviously had to invest in some gungho smellinators, and this just happened to be in the relaxing scent of Heyland and Whittle Citrus and Lavender Reed Diffuser and CLASSIC candle in a tin.

Soon after inviting these two beauties into my bathroom, the stench exited and I was left with a vibrant and fruity aroma every time I walked into my bathroom – and it made me so content. Lavender is a scent that calms me – It really brings me back to reality and grounds me. Not only are these goodies inexpensive, but the candle in a tin means I can take it on holidays (Lord knows some holiday rentals verge on the boarder of Satan’s sweat den and a council tip in terms of smells).

Heyland and Whittle is available in the UK.

jo malone basil lime mandarin candle

Jo Malone Basil and Lime Deluxe Candle

Growing up, my Mother would; without fail; buy a Christmas candle to scent the house. In November, she would pick up her favourite Christmas scented candle, and every weekend (at night) it would be lit, filling the house with excitement and festive spirit.

This year, all my Christmases came early thanks to the Jo Malone Lime & Basil Deluxe Candle – a nasal festival that is lit when the lid is taken off this gem. Tart, vibrant and laced with powdery Lime, Basil and Mandarin notes, this delightful scent brings British garden parties indoors, and has yearning for seasonal change in no time. I know it isn’t a festive candle, but it really calms me in generous proportion and brings a magical ambience into my bedroom. I think I am going to stockpile this beautiful candle, because it reminds me so reverently of my Australian summers, and my Grandmother’s garden… and is so darn sophisticated.

It is a new addition to my household (literally picked it up this week after purchasing the perfume two weeks ago) but has already been burnt so many times, a quarter of it has gone.

Now, a round of applause for Jo Malone candles: you never put a scent wrong!

Jo Malone Candles can be purchased in Australia and the UK.

What is your go-to house fragrance?
*PR Sample
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