Do you ever look in the mirror and think – my god skin, you are absolutely winning at the moment? Well, I don’t usually, but this month I have been ** pats skin on the back **.

Aside from kicking weight goals (and by that, I mean stacking on the kilos and being the heaviest I have ever been… potentially from all those burgers I’ve been eating #DontEvenCare #BritishFoodIsDelicious), London has also bought about some weirdly successful skin goals…ironically.

To be honest, I am not one to toot my skins’ horn, but since I have been using more products from (some of) my favourite skincare brands: Cosmedix, Masque Bar and Sisley: I have really started to notice a big difference in my skins’ condition. They say when you move to London, your skin takes a beating. And to be fair – mine did. Mine lost the plot, broke out in the strangest of places, I had rashes all over my body and my hair started falling out like nobody’s business. Then, after a steady introduction of some staple-skincare-supereros, and a lot of TLC, it started getting back into line. Sure, there are still a few outbreaks of pimples colonising themselves on my chin – but what do you expect… I am from a convict country after all!


Let’s discuss my Cosmedix strategy, first (only one of my favourite cosmeutical skincare brands).

I have been hooked on Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser* for a while now – so I was so darn glad that I packed an extra cleanser in my (overly-stuffed) suitcase and that it made it to London-Town in one piece. It truly is a fan-bloody-tastic cleanser. Not only does it remove all the day’s gunk, but it helps to remove stubborn layers of unnecessary (and stubborn) dead skin in the process. I am thinking I might have withdrawals when I eventually run out (dear Family and Friends who are visiting me next… Don’t bring me Vegemite – bring me stockpiles of this, please)!

Then there is Opti Crystal eye cream – the perfect accompaniment to my ever growing under eye wrinkles from all the squinting and face-pulling I do on the tube.

Finally, this fruity-extracted Pure Enzyme masque is legit my achilles. I use it  twice a week – one of which is used under my Masque Bar mask… Cause I am all about double/heavy duty! The mask is a gentle exfoliating mask that utilises the power of Cranberry enzymes to brighten and boost radiance. In case you can’t tell – I am quite the fan of its dead-skin-removing abilities.


And now to the little TLC part…

I have developed a slight (but healthy) addiction to Masque Bar Face Masks. I have been using them once a week, and really loving the variety and the fact that they are catering to almost every skin need. And let’s be real – who doesn’t love clothing their face in cloth masks?

For when I am hungover and need to enter into the act of Tom-foolery (i.e conning my friends and colleagues into thinking I am not punishing my Liver most weekends to find friends), I slap on the Brightening Sheet Mask on a Sunday afternoon and what-do-ha-know: 10 minutes later I am channeling my inner glowing-goddess and teeming with radiance (even though I feel like balls inside) #LongestSentenceEver. The Brightening cloth masks are also good for pigmentation (as a former Aussie, I know a thing or two about that) and their Anti-Blemish Mud Mask is house favourite for clearing up any blemish-issues that time of the month (when you are riding the hormonal wave, bro)!

Seriously, check them out!

sisley pore minimiser

And last (but certainly not least) – my Pore-obliterating-maestro!

Pores are never chic…Never! And I wasn’t going to allow my crater-rivalling pores stop me from making friends in the UK, so I recruited the help of my good friend – Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimiser*, and the friends just flocked my way (ok, that is a lie – I have about 4 friends in the UK… I’m getting there)!

This little beauty staple has been a godsend thanks to its instantly corrective and penetrative-ness that helps to refine my skin tone, reduce pore obviousness and balance sebum production (not to mention is perfect for young OR mature skin). If it could do anything else, I would certainly mistake it for a skin-superhero.

So there you have it- my trifecta of skincare brands that are (slowly) winning my skin fans. Some could say I have taken London with all my (skincare) guns blazing… I would say they were correct!

Cosmedix can be purchased in Australia at most leading beauticians.

Masque Bar is available at Boots in the UK.

Sisley is available internationally- AUS and UK

*PR Gifts

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