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A couple weeks ago, as I was on my way to the glorious Kensington Palace, I made a pitstop at Privet to road test their Bye-Bye Blemish Control Facial*. I know, my life is tough. Where does she find the energy I hear you whisper?! What can I say I am a trouper and happily take one for the beauty team!

No, but seriously you guise – If you are like me and like to dress like a 16 yo channeling Little House On the Prairie or a prim-and-proper CEO on a very important mission; good skin is a must! Otherwise, you end up looking like a Amish child or a boring secretary and the irony of the whole statement is lost on everyone. Oh the irony! So yeah, let’s all go slogan sweat shirts proclaiming your love for the internet and One Direction… but with a great skin.

privet body

Privet is a sanctuary nestled in between the hustle and bustle of high street Notthing Hill. It offers a prescriptive approach and is basically a top-to-toe body topiary for both men and women! From the classic waxing and tanning, to customised facial, down to even the cutest little Tool Shed for men – they really have all your beauty needs covered in this quirky garden inspired salon.

Oh, and did I mention it is full of puns… and I bloody love my puns!

I opted for the Bye-Bye Blemish facial from Murad – and oh, it was a (blemish) relief! Having suffered some seriously random breakouts of late, this little facial was just what the doctor ordered. The facial is designed to help with the odd breakout, reduce the oiliness of your skin and help treat congested skin. After a deep, deep cleaning of the skin, my face was whipped into shape by my more-than-capable facialist who had me so zenned out after the whole experience, I really wanted to stay tucked in all day and be mesmerised by her magic hands (seriously – I have never felt so blissed after a facial before).

privet London

Excuse the fuzziness – it is basically how I was feeling after the whimsical facial. Zenned for a better word – and even though my skin is a little red, it was definitely a hell-of-a lot more glowy! #DecentSkinHereWeCome

The result of my facial was a reduction in redness, improved clarity and texture, dewy skin and a serious cloud-like spring in my step. It honestly was the best facial I have experienced… ever!

Images – Privet Body and Own

*PR sample

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