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In February, I made the biggest decision of my life – to up and leave my life in sunny-Sydney, and make a leap over to the Motherland (London)… By myself. With no set plans. Knowing nobody bar a few friends. It was the toughest, yet most liberating thing I’ve done in a really long time and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made (to date).

With this move, I learnt so much about myself having thrown myself completely out of my comfort zone and forcing myself into new surroundings: physically and socially. So, I thought it was only fair to share with you the lessons I have learnt since moving abroad – cause there has been a few. Here we go…

You need to back yourself to go anywhere

Without having complete trust in myself, I could not have moved to London. The scary thing about moving countries is that for the first time in a while, you won’t have control of your surroundings or situation. For a lot of people, that is horrifying (I know it was for me). But being that it was my 2nd time moving abroad (first time I moved to Austria), I knew what to expect and that I needed to be ok with it.

Lack of control: although terrifying: is actually a great tool to build confidence in oneself as it forces you to release yourself from any former stigmas or attachments, and just be free. It certainly showed me what I am capable of, how tough I really am, and has set me up to be a lot more thicker-skinned and easy going.


London has taught me to not take life too serious.

Comparison is a joy-thief!

It is normal to move countries and compare things from your old life to your new one – comparison is basically an everyday occurrence – today I compared how terrible my hangover was today as opposed to yesterday #TotallyNormalComparison. However, comparing how different a culture is; how different food tastes; accents; annunciation or spelling of words; or how things are done is 1. Unproductive and 2. Makes you look like a giant unwilling-to-adapt-wanker! Harsh; yes! But honestly, it does my head in how annoying it is when other cultures compare theirs to their new city. What is it achieving? NOTHING! You have moved countries – things are going to be different so accept that and move on.

You are in Kansas anymore, Toto.


Every thing starts and stops with love

No matter how far away you are: Love CAN and WILL travel the distance. As they said in Moulin Rouge – Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts you up where you belong. All you need is love. And living in London has made me realise just that.

Love is powerful. It is all encompassing. It comes with its own happiness filter. Love is the purest form of life, and without it, we don’t exist. This knowledge empowers me to strive for success but to also realise how fortunate I am to have all this love in my life. I don’t think I understood how capable I was of love till Matilda (my niece) came into the world. It was then that I realised I had been under-loving, and made me regret not telling those whom I love; that I love them.

Every day since Matilda came into the world, I am reminded of how beautiful life can be, but also how fragile and complex it is too. Her smiley face beaming at me in photos reminds me that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and that I need to relish much more in the ‘now’ and not in the ‘online’ or future. Thank you Matilda and my new life in London for making me a better, more loving person and for making me see how important life, love and the people in it are to me.

Love knows no boundaries – and it (along with happiness) is the best makeup we can wear.


Love to me is a happy and healthy Family and Friends.

How delicious my Mum’s cooking was/is!

It doesn’t matter how old we are: our Mums are some of the best things in life (along with Dads, of course). I will always have a soft spot for my Mums hugs and hearty cooking. Will always be reminded of her when I stroll past someone wearing Dior or Chanel perfume. Giggle every time I see adverts for Poldark (she not-so-secretly wants me to marry him… couldn’t imagine why #DemAbs). And have a constant throb of sadness in my heart when I realise that I can’t just call her to tell her a story about my day. At the end of the day, I sit down to my own cooking and it makes me appreciate how spoilt I was to have her a. As a Mum, and b. get to enjoy her food for over 2 decades.

My Mum is my everything, and a massive part of my reason to live. Without her kind and supportive words from halfway across the globe, I don’t know if I could be as strong as I have been – she has saved me from many near breakdowns just via a little kiss emoji, or her updates. She is after everything, my best friend… My rock. My all.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is only fitting that I share with you an amazing giveaway that Endota Facebook page is running to tie in with the theme of life lessons – and all about spoiling that special Mother-figure in your life and sharing what lessons you learnt from her. They have some truly awesome prizes to share with your Mumma bear, so go on – enter away and tell me what you have learnt from your Mum? 

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