I know a lot about Blonde hair since I went from Satanic-Brown to Goldilocks 18 months ago. Like seriously – there isn’t much I don’t know.  Like fact- Blonde locks are biatch to maintain #TrueStory! And fact – Blonde ranges don’t have a tendency to keep my locks vibrant… Until I came face-to-face with the Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver range. ** Cue brain explosion **

Yes dear folks, I am almost positive that I have found my newest blondilocks Holy-Grail range: all for under a 10-er and dedicated solely to ME (ok, Blondes… but lets just pretend its specifically designed for me)!

Can we get an ahmen?!….

A bloody Ahhhhmeeen!

touch of silver hair

The Touch Of Silver haircare range is every hair-lovers dream. Not only is it cost efficient, but it is quality – and you can’t often use those two phrases in the same product offering. The products are designed around harnessing active Violet pigment to treat yellowing, fading and dull blonde, grey or white locks by actively neutralising the brassiness. The result is dazzling, more vibrant locks #HelloShineHelloGorgeous!

I have been using three products to resurrect my Blonde locks, and they are: The Pre-Toning Primer, Brightening Shampoo and the Intensive Conditioner. These three products form the basis of the Three-Step Program… and I am hooked.

touch of silver hair

The Pre-Toning Primer is truly a game-changer in my eyes. Like a foundation primer, this little beauty prepares your locks for shampoo and conditioner by smoothing the hair cuticle whilst locking in intense shine. It also moonlights as a heat protectant – hello multi-tasker!

The Brightening Shampoo is the hair hero in the program thanks to its ability to give you brighter and more dazzling locks thanks to its Violet pigment. The only fault I find is having to leave it in for around 5 minutes which for a Shampoo is quite long (for me). But trust me – it is SOOOOO worth it for the brightness it brings about.

The final step in the program is the Intensive Conditioner which is the bees knees! It is a rich and luxurious conditioner that has active conditioning agents that penetrate the hair shaft to soften and improve the suppleness of your hair. It contains Keratin to help rebuild hair internally and a UV Absorber to protect the structure of your locks. It is an essential part of the program so as to avoid your locks from drying out. And it also smells pretty delish!

touch of silver

Check me out intently learning about the Touch Of Silver range at their latest re-launch event! #SeriousFace

 I recently was fortunate enough to attend the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver re-launch at White Studios, and boy was it fun. Not only did I walk away with a mini 3D version of myself, but I also got the inside goss on the range (holy sh!t balls Batman, the Dry Shampoo is next level shit… I could live off it till I die). It was a well fun event (yes, well – I am totally acclimatising to the British culture) that not only was insightful, but the food was delicious and a great opportunity for me to meet fellow bloggers – something that I haven’t been able to do a lot of since I arrived in the UK!

So, will you be attempting to save some cash-money and investing in your Blondilocks like I will be? 

Touch of Silver is available in the UK in Boots and Superdrug.

Images- own and Jon Bradley

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