Jo malone perfume

For those who know me, you will already be aware of my slight obsession with Jo Malone. It is no surprise I have an addiction/ hoarding problem when it comes to Jo Malone – they just seem to nail every product they launch, so it is little wonder my house is littered with the brand. And because I am all for joining a cult brand that never fails, it is no surprise I have fallen head-over-heels in lust with their latest limited edition scent – Sakura Cherry Blossom.

Yep, Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom is as delicious as it sounds. It is fruity, full of passion and has just the right about of pizazz to team with absolutely any outfit; and any moment of the day. It is fruity: but not overwhelmingly so. It is delicate: but packs a punch. And it is pure and has an element of transient innocence. With it diaphanous layers of cherry blossoms that mingle with subtle notes of rose and sparkling bergamot, it captures the airiness of spring and definitely adds another of authenticity.

When I first smelt this chunky bottle of goodness, I thought – ‘what is that? Where can i get it from? And how many first-borns is it going to cost me?!’’. Yes, my nasal cavity felt so much lust for this scent it was overwhelmed!  It is juicy and brimming with all those Spring-feelings: happiness, delicateness, new-life, luminosity. It is captivating, effortless and heady – a scent that even your Grandmother would love – much too, your Boyfriend. I had the male tick of approval with this scent (clearly not my boyfriend – eternally single Lucy has not been fortunate enough to snag herself a British Boyfriend.. yet ha)! If it were a man; it would be my main man because it is sexy, subtle and leaves you wanting more.

Ok, I think it is obvious – I am ADDICTED!!

jo malone blue skies and blossoms

It is 1 of 3 of the reintroduced blossom scents that are being offered for a limited edition collection as part of the Blue Skies & Blossoms collection – just in time for Spring!

The range includes Sakura Cherry Blossom, the succulent peach notes of Osmanthus Blossom and blooming scent of Plum Blossom. They provide a modern take on the classic floral fragrance, loved by so many w0men (and men) across the globe. The range of three blossom-bursting fragrances literally encapsulate spring and all its carefree-ness.

Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom Cologne (and the rest of the Blue Skies & Blossom range) is available in the UK 100ml retail for £86.

The Blue Skies & Blossom range will be launching in Australia on 3rd May (just in time for Mother’s Day) and retail for $180/100mL

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