Having lived in a dodgey, crummy serviced apartment for my first three weeks in London, my skin started to lose its shit. Literally, hell-had-no-fury-like-the-shit-that-was-going-down-on-my-body… galore! It was a depressing and stressing time (which didn’t help), so when these Spa Find products arrived on my desk, I knew I was in for a treat – a MUCH needed body treat!

Not only has this trifecta helped boost my confidence by ridding me of dead skin and flakey-galore, but they are really gentle on my skin and I continue to fall in love with them a little more, everyday.

Let’s discuss the details (cause I am all for the details, darrrllinggg!).


“He who useth Spa Find Coconut Oil and Mineralising Body Lotion shall haveth the softest skin in the worldeth. Amen!”

That was said in the Bible: truth!

Ok, ok, slight dramatisation. But, it pretty much should have been said. With all the walking in the desert those peeps were doing, it would be to safe to say they would have needed Spa Find Coconut Oil Spritz AND Spa Find Mineralising Body Lotion. This oil and body lotion is what the burning bush was to the Bible: closest thing to godliness.

Dry skin is gone with a slathering of this rich, heavenly cream (Preach Sister) and smoothness is guaranteed with a few finger pumps of the Coconut Oil (not to mention, a hint of sexy-scents, too). My Skin pulled a Lazerath, (or in laman’s speak: a 180) cause this oil (combined with the use of the lotion) gave me an intense hydration blitz, usually only reserved for corny teen flicks with typical ‘make over’ scenes. I digress…

Using mineralising and allergen-free  ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera and aromatherapy extracts, these babies are packed to the brim with antioxidants + essential fatty acids that will nourish your skin, calm irritation and help restore elasticity. No matter how hard I seem to blast my skin with heat in the shower; they will happily make up for the hydration-stripping by providing me with a round of applause.. all over my body!

Hallelujah, sparkley (skin) city! Thank you you two powerhouses – London Lucy truly appreciates your (bodily) support.



Look, I love Turkey… but on my sandwich, not on my neck. So preventing these nasties from making an appearance before my 30th birthday (4 years off) is pretty darn important. This is why Spa Find Eye & Neck Rejuvenator is (now) a necessity in my skincare regime.

I have gone all gungho on wrinkles, lately. With all my squinting and looking at Google maps (cause I am forever lost), it would be surprising to if I hadn’t aquired a wrinkle over the 5 weeks I have been in London. I am trying to avoid them like the plague (although, I think Botox might be my next step if I continue to get lost)! Because I am on a strict regime of ‘Don’t get any wrinkles’, I use this eye and neck lotion religiously – and it seems to be working #Booyah.

Thanks to a revolutionary mixture of Zinc, Copper and Magnesium, this multi-mineral blend actively fights free radicals, whilst leaving my eye and neck area youthful, and somewhat resembling the 26 year-old skin that it should. It smooths on and absorbs quick-stat: exactly what I am after with an eye and neck cream.

I am not one to be monogamous to a range, but I would happily form a committed relationship with Spa Find just for the sake of my skin’s happiness…Cause I am kind like that ha!

Spa Find is available in the UK. Visit their website for more details.

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