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There are moments in my life where I have to pinch myself and say, ‘Is this real life?’! Moving to London, having breakfast with Rosie Huntington-Whitely, meeting my beautiful niece for the first time… I could go on! But recently I had another one of those pinch me moments when I was fortunate enough to have my hair blow dried by a hair genius, meet the founder and CEO of one of my favourite Aussie Haircare brands: Original & Mineral… in LONDON! Oh yeah, and in the world’s number one salon – Josh Wood Atelier. Yes dear people, this moment literally made me froth with excitement.

But why was a Plebeian like me, in need of a seriously hair overhaul, at the world’s number salon, meeting my haircare idol (Jose Bryce Smith) and getting a pretty fab blow-dry by a haircare superstar, you ask? Well, it is for a pretty exciting reason, actually: Original & Mineral has just birthed a new (and seriously amazing) haircare product that you literally MUST know about. It goes by the name of Project Sukaroi Gold Smoothing Balm, and it is all kinds of wicked/must-try/need to stock up on/haircare nirvana.

I have talked about my love of the Original & Mineral brand previously, and would happily use just this brand (of haircare) for the rest of my life (seriously, the Seven Day Miracle and Original Queenie are neccesities), so I am sure it doesn’t surprise you that this launch got my haircare-loving toes tingling. But why? Well, the Smoothing Balm is a game-changer! It is basically a balm that repairs. Yes, you heard correctly – a repairing balm that is inspired by Kintsukurio: a Japanese word describing the art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer. Project Sukuroi is the art of smoothing and repairing hair with star-gold balm.

Gold of Pleasure Oil helps to smooth and repair, whilst leaving you with silky locks. Macadamia Oil adds shine, and Keratin helps to strengthen. Thanks to high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and protein, your locks are treated to a delivery of silky-smoothness and glossiness that you wouldn’t experience with any other product. Basically, the balm is totally into creating hair advert type of smoothness.

You see, my hair is in pretty terrible condition at the moment (travel, no hairdryer, lack of quality haircare products does that to one) so when I had the Smoothing Balm applied to my locks, I was impressed. Not like ‘meh, this is good’, impressed… like ‘Holy cow, my hair is never going to be the same again’, kinda impressed. Yes, I have so much faith in this gold pot of joy, that I should probably invest in stocks of it. It really is bloody brilliant and I can totally see myself becoming slightly addicted.

Welcome to hair nirvana territory.

Project Sukaroi is available from 1st April at Original & Mineral stockist globally.

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