If you’re anything like me; fairly forgetful and calendar-dependant with the wings of a social butterfly; chances are you probably forgot about the day of love and gift giving with your significant other that has just floated by. Let’s face it – how can one possibly keep a strict diary and perfect hair while remembering these important little days (the struggle is real). It should be a perfect day of love filled couples staring deeply into each other’s eyes in the park, dinner dates prepared months in advance and nights of romance lined up with all the bells and whistles. But, if you are anything like me, you probably forgot, left everything to the last minute and ended up at the Thai joint down the road for spring rolls and dumplings!

Now as a self-confessed hopeless romantic, I will find any excuse to lavish my attention on the ones I love, but I have a theory…If you’ve ever walked through any store around the beginning of February you will see an endless supply of giant stuffed teddy bears holding hearts and more chocolate than Willy Wonka’s factory, both conveniently placed next to the love-laced, over priced Hallmark cards. All of which are cute and fabulous for the other half in your life, but the teddy bear will eventually become a dust collector and the chocolates: while delicious at the time: inevitably gave you guilt after you sat and scoffed the whole box (well they didn’t eat themselves)! So why not spend that hard earned dosh of yours on something you will both love?

The Body Shop’s Smoky Poppy Gift set is a lavish collection that will leave you feeling like you’ve spent a day at the spa, without having to leave your house or spend a ridiculous sum of money. It’s safe to say whether you are the gift giver or receiver (or you just feel like pampering yourself), you will love this little set.

I found the exfoliator divine! It’s not often a company nails it with in-shower exfoliators. The element of hydration that softens, brightens and hydrates (and doesn’t leave your skin feeling like you just bathed in olive oil) is impressive. Instead The Body Shop’s use of natural poppy seeds: hand-picked in Turkey: leaves you tingling all over and feeling a little exotic.

After the body exfoliation, the body butter left me feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom. It’s safe to say it is as satisfying as that post leg-shave feeling, when you can’t believe how smooth your skin is and you can’t wait to proudly show off to your other half. With the inclusion of a rich, musky and exotic scented massage oil, The Body Shop has all but set you up for a night of indulgence.

Speaking of scents, have you ever been walking along minding your own business when suddenly a man wanders past, followed by his mesmerising cologne and it makes your brain go a bit fuzzy for a few moments? I surely can’t be the only one! Well be prepared to start catching the men that will be falling at your feet, because this set certainly has an intoxicating smell. I can’t quite place it; a little deep and musky while still remaining delicate and seductive;  but either way, I agree with Coco Chanel when she said: A woman should wear perfume where she wants to be kissed…

Kudos, The Body Shop.

E x

The range can be purchased online or in-store in Australia and the UK

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