Blonde’s really do have more fun. Except for when it comes to maintenance – maintenance is a right b!atch! Well, it CAN be a b!atch if you don’t know the right products to use. But, lucky for you, I am like your Blonde Fairy Godmother and have tested a heap of Blonde hair ranges, and found you my three favourite. You are welcome!


You might have seen my raving review of this delicious blonding range that won me over thanks to its serious ‘whiff factor’. The Label.M Brightening Blonde range is a three-step system that challenges brassiness, fading, dulling, dryness and damage (that most blondes often experience). It is a rad range that leaves my locks tangle free, and always complemented (seriously, every time I wash my locks someone asks if I have had it coloured).

It is the kind of range your Mother gives you cause she knows you aren’t a natural blonde, but she doesn’t want you heaving your hard earned money down the drain. Oh, and cause it is a good range… You know!


Fudge haircare is, and forever will be a favourite of mine. Not only do they know how to rock a seriously delectable scent, but they also know how to rock my hair – in all the right ways. So, it is no surprise this Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo beauty made my top picks.

If you suffer from brassiness, this violet shampoo is your gal. It is a shampoo especially formulated for blonde hair to help maintain colour and moisture. The shampoo features a blend of guarana and violet pigments which work to neutralise yellow and brassy tones that beset blonde hair.

So yeah, Goldilocks would be well jell if she you knew you used this product – you might have a shower crasher, so maybe keep that on the DL!


If you are after a cost-effective means of maintaining your golden locks that you can pick up in most supermarkets; the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening range is your go-to!

For less than a twenty, the Sheer Blonde range gradually lightens blonde tones for brighterness (aware it is not a word) meaning you get more bang for your overly-expensive colour. The formula also contains lactic acid, which breaks down colour pigments inside the hair shaft and improves the condition of hair by tightening the cuticle and strengthening the hair shaft. The aim of the game/ range is to gradually lighten your locks then you halt with usage.

Oh, and it is also peroxide and ammonia free #WinForAllTheGreenies

So there you have it – my 3 holy grail blondie haircare ranges that won’t break the bank and keep you sane.

Do you have a blonde haircare favourite that you can share with the team?

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