laura mercer foundation review

Laura Mercier is a brand that I have known and trusted for a really long time. It started with a love affair of their foundation primer and extended to a sultry summer of passion with their oil free foundation and shimmer brick. Then one day I ran out and forgot to replace it, and forgot about how deep my love was for the brand. Then, out of the blue I remembered – and the deep hole it left the first time was filled, and I was happy again.

I recently used all three products for a dress up party (below image – I don’t usually go out with a decorative eye-detail) and because it was a seriously humid night, I thought it was the perfect trio to put through its paces. Did my face survive the night? Oh, you betcha! I was the only one at the turn of midnight who didn’t turn into a pumpkin (or pool of make up) – I was Cinderella fresh #Ballin (but boiling)!


Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide*

Move over regular foundation – there is a new kid of the block/ my face, and it has already made quite the impression on me! The Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide has been rocking my world lately thanks to its not-too-little-not-to-much-just-right matte coverage, ability to blur the ugly (i.e. my pigmentation and imperfections) and the fact that it wears all day, like a machine!

It is a watery foundation because it is bi-phase meaning the real pigments rest at the bottom of the package and above it sits reflective waters. Whilst it might sound all magical and confusing, it really isn’t – it just means that it requires a bit of Taylor Swift shaking, and can sometimes get a little messy. But, that small fault is made up tenfold as it is non-greasy and non-comedogenic (breakout sufferers rejoice), sweat proof and water resistant. It also has a medium, but buildable coverage, and works perfectly with one layer for day, or two for night.

Trust me when I say, it is Summer proof – and I am thinking London proof too (all that constant drizzle – I wont have to worry about my foundation running, whoop whoop!).

laura mercer secret brightening powder

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder*

If you are like me, you suffer from the dreaded cakey foundation around the eyeball lurgy 2 hours after applying. Not fun. Not sexy. And definitely not what I want as a 25 year old. But, when I used this setting powder, I realised that I had been doing it wrong this whole time – I clearly just needed to purchase this bad boy and I could have saved myself years of trouble (and questioning of my make up application abilities).

This micronised pigmented powder does not settle in fine lines or accentuate shadows. Ohhhh, hell no! Instead, it delivers a brightening punch to the eye socket that is soft focused and weightless, and perfects the area you are setting.

Now I can rock my 25 year old skin and not look like I am 30 anymore. #Win

Laura Mercier Secret Brightener*

Laura Mercier Secret Brightener has become my secret weapon this year. For days that I am an all kinds of lazy, and cannot be bothered to slap anything on my face (read: most days), I use this. Why? Because it brings luminosity to my lacklustre, almost opaque skin, reduces shadows to my rather shadow-hoarding eyes and minimises discolourations that have a tendency to sit around my chin. It is like 8 hours sleep in a pen – and I love it!

It also is perfect for using with a full face of makeup, not just for lazy gals, I promise.

I have fallen completely in love with Laura Mercier products  (again) that the minute I hit duty free in London, I plan on spending up big time and extending my collection… Cause, you know: YOLO!

For more information, check out Laura Mercier website AU || UK

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*These products were gifted from PR

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