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Nope, it ain’t Santa. I repeat –  Santa is NOT coming to town, but if you had seen my Instagram or Facebook, you would know that Urban Decay sure is ** cue the hoards of screaming beauty lovers **!

Yep, you’ve heard correctly: Urban Decay is on its way to our shores, and it is way too exciting for this beauty blogger. I recently attended the Mecca Maxima launch event to get (seriously) excited about the impending arrival of a brand most teens and 20-somethings go bat-shit crazy for, and this is what I can tell you:

mecca maxima urban decay australia

The lovely Sharon @Shari_Farr and Karima from @ShamelessFripperies and I at the launch event in Sydney

– Urban Decay will be stocked exclusively in Mecca Maxima stores and online from the 27th March 2015

– The brand is one of the most in demand makeup brands in the world

– The brand is all about beauty with an edge; exactly what us makeup junkies are all about!

So, no longer will you sit online trying to find an affordable way of holding a Naked palette in your mittens that doesn’t involve selling your soul for a plane ticket. Nope – they are going to be stocked in Mecca Maxima stores and online, and the beauty community are rejoicing.

I was lucky enough to be generously gifted some of the product that is going to be hitting stores, so I thought I would give you a few mini reviews of my favourite products that you need to test out.

urban decay mecca maxima review

NAKED 3 Palette

Without a doubt, this little metal beauty houses every complimentary colour for my hazel eyes. I fell head-over-heels in love with this glorious palette, and it is coming along with me on my big adventure to London.

A girl’s gotta always look her best!

24/7 Glide One Lip Pencil (Native) 

I am not a lipstick girl, so therefore, I am not a lipliner girl. But, when I asked the two makeup artists at the event what product they were most excited about; they both said the lipliners. So, intrigued as to why, I whipped out the lip pencil in ‘Native’ and soon learned what the fuss was about!

Not only does this lip liner literally do as it is told – glides on. But, it also is a soft and subtle colour, smudges seamlessly and well… totally rocked my world. Now I am a convert!

NAKED Flushed Palette

Sex on legs is how I would describe my face after I used this little palette of goodness. The super silky bronzer, Victoria’s Secret-glow highlighter and the delicate blush are a trio you need in your life… regularly. If you are going for the radiant, just-stepped-out-of-a-sex-marathon-with-Zac-Efron, then this is totally for you.


All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Humidity is a bitch; that’s for sure! So, for us Aussies, a setting spray is imperative if we hope to look like Cinderella and not a melted pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight. I genuinely am not sure how I coped prior to this miraculous setting spray – I think that is probably why I have kissed one too many toads in my lifetime (sweated off makeup is so not sexy).

Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I for one have a serious issue with my eyeshadow making its way higher and higher up my eye socket as the night progresses. Then I found out it was because I wasn’t using an eyeshadow primer and my mind was blow. Enter this nifty little shadow-insurance policy and all my issues were solved.

It goes on silkily (as a base) and is neutrally pigmented so nobody will realise you are wearing it!

Urban Decay will be available at Mecca Maxima from 27th March 2015 and online Mecca Maxima.

Are you excited about the launch?

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