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Parabens and sulphates are not words that slip off my tongue very well. They are also words that don’t have much of an appreciation for my locks. Lucky for me, back in November, I discovered a few little haircare favourites that love my hair sick, and are all Paraben and Sulphate free… and just plain awesome! Oh, and they all belong to the Bhave family – so there is a constant family affair going down on my locks.

The Bhave range is a rather large one, and all products help contribute to great hair; sans the nasties. The brand gets you; they understand that you’d much rather be out conquering the footpath than quivering indoors trying to slay a bad hair day. Now, I would LOVE to chat about the whole range to you, but I know your time is limited (and most people’s attention span), so here are my three favourites that are (definitely) worth a mention.

Riot Control


Humidity is never my friend; nor rain (although, I do love the rain – just not what it does to my not-so-luscious-locks). So, when I look for products that defend against the heat, I look hard, and wide, and usually end up spending a small fortune (sorry future children – your future-mum has spent all your inheritance on haircare products #DealWithIt)! But, I need not look anymore – this little luxurious (but not so exxily priced) haircare god has quashed my fears of running outside without an umbrella, and said sayonara to humidity frizz, and hello gorgeous to soft locks !

Enriched with certified organic argan oil and antioxidants, this silver bottle helps to fight frizz whilst restoring shine. Riot Control is a light oil that doesn’t leave a heavy residue in the hair and a product that damaged locks (particularly chemically treated) will rejoice in.


Leave-In Créme


Ooooh, baby – I love this leave-in treatment more than I love One Direction… and that is a pretty massive amount of love, as you would know! Not only was it nourishing and kept my usually unmanageable locks under control, but because it is enriched with keratin and macadamia oil, it made it feel lush and so, so silky.

This little silver-tube of goodness helps to restore elasticity, prevents heat damage, promote cell growth and is basically a BB cream of the hair world.

Pretty rad if you ask me!

Rescue intense hydrating shampoo


You know you have a serious hair dryage (not a word; I am aware) issue when you fall head-over-heels in lust with a shampoo. Why, you ask? Well(!) this shampoo is different to most because aside from the fact it rids your locks of the gunk, it is also formulated to nourish like a biatch! Let me explain…

Most shampoos strip your locks of hydration, but this bad-boy is infused with Replicine™ Functional Keratin®. I hear you asking – what is this Replicine-blah-blah? Well, it is in-fact a naturally derived and extracted keratin protein taken from the wool of NZ sheep (that breed them well over there), that is able to bind to severely damaged hair to assist in rebuilding the internal structure. It leaves your locks nourished, shiny and silky, whilst not weighing it down. It also provides a protective shield to guard against damage. It is like the Betty Ford of haircare i.e perfect for those in need of a little bit of hair-rehabilitation. #TrustMeOnThisOn

Tip leave the shampoo in for 3-5 minutes to reach a great level of “infusion”.

So, there you go: my three top picks from the bhave range. So now you can’t complain about frizzy or damaged locks cause I have kindly provided a solution #YouAreWelcome.

Have you tried any of the bhave products before?

 * These products were generously gifted to me. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.

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