non greasy sunscreen

I am rampant about sun protection. In case you haven’t already read from my million other posts on it, sunscreen is a pretty big deal to me. So what if I am pale: it is my British genes! I DO NOT want to get sun cancer when it is so preventable, which is why I apply sunscreen EVERYDAY; without fail. With 2 out of 3 Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, you can see why it is important to be super vigilant about covering up.

Sunscreen is your best insurance policy to prevent premature ageing, hyper pigmentation, photo-damage and skin cancer: it is a no brainer that SPF is pretty darn necessary, even if it is a 10 minute dash up the road to grab milk. Apply, apply, apply.

Sunscreen isn’t just for days on the beach – it should be used every day. This is why I have given you my top picks for non-sticky sunscreens, so you WILL wear it every day! So, I have come up with a selection of facial SPF’s that you can choose from, depending on your needs: choose one, and apply it liberally, everyday! And thank me later when you don’t have skin cancer, or photo-damage.

non greasy sunscreen


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen

New to the Neutrogena family is this delightful very high protection SPF that will have you skin jumping for joy!

With a water light texture, this facial sunscreen offers the highest SPF factor with a matte look (oily skin gals rejoice) and non-comedogenic (again, oily skin gals rejoice). My skin suffers from the occasional breakout, and during the Summer time, breaks out a heck lot more as I am constantly slathering it with sunscreen. The fact that it is non-comedogenic literally makes me giddy with excitement because I no longer have to worry my skin will breakout cause it wont clog my pores #MassiveSummerWin

It is available in SPF 50 and SPF 30.

Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster SPF 50+

RRP $60

Can I just start off with: this SPF booster is extremely intelligent technology! It features a UV Smart Booster technology: a customised microcapsule that safeguards active vitamins, then bursts open upon contact with UV rays, releasing active ingredient complex of vitamin C and E for maximum free radical protection.

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster is a sophisticated invisible SPF, that is non-chalky, less greasy than other formulations and the highest protection you can get in Australia.

Simply add to your daily foundation or moisturiser for a multi-faceted skin care hybrid, with maximal UV protection.

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25+

RRP $36

As with all Clinique products, this sheer beauty is allergy tested, thus, perfect for those sensitive-sallys with uber fickle skin. Ideal for everyday use, it offers a medium-level daily sun protection, in a sheer (somewhat tinted, but very minimally), lightweight formula.

Thanks to moisture wicking fibres from algae, excess oil is wicked away and perspiration repelled, so you can rest assure you will maintain your flawless and sun-protected look all day long. It contains no chemical sunscreens, is non-irritative and can be worn underneath make-up as a primer (as it leaves the skin silky smooth) or alone.

There truly is no excuse not to wear sunscreen with this urban necessity.



ModelCo Bronze Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 50+


This ingenious product is truly a thing of fantasies! Not only does it offer you super high sun protection, but it adds a little colour to your pale limbs (can I get an Amen!) and it is a dry touch formula, meaning no more nasty sweating-it-off-cause-it-is-so-darn-sticky days!

I use this formula on my legs when I am feeling a little shit about how opaque I am, and in an instance, it adds colour and protection. It is a ‘must-have’ sunscreen for all. Now all I have to do is ensure my family sends supplies when I need to holiday in Croatia (when I move to London)!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 50+


Neutrogena are my number one SPF buddies- they rarely hit a wrong note. I worship at the alter of their Beach Defence, so it is no surprise I am head-over-heels in lust with their Ultra Sheer Spray on SPF.

The Ultra Sheer Body Mist is a light mist formula that is definitely not greasy when applied: in fact, it is very light. The formula is also water resistant for up to 4 hours, and has a light sunscreen sent.

I recommend using a rub on sunscreen first, but for reapplication, go all out for the spray (as you may miss some parts of the body).

Milk Sports Moisturiser SPF 30


This has been my Dad’s favourite SPF for a while now. Somehow, I got him attached to it a few years back and he hasn’t stop using it. He is absolutely not a beauty guy, so getting him onto this was the best thing I have ever done.

The reason he is a fan is because it is non-sticky. It is also sweat resistant, leaves the skin silky smooth and contains aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe the skin. It is the perfect sunscreen for the sports-loving person in your family.

Do you use SPF everyday?

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