Everyone has a scent that reminds them of specific travel memory. Whether it be the delicate symphony of Roses in a Viennese garden; the sickly-sweet aroma of overly chocolatised croissants baking at 6 am in Paris; or the sultry mix of sea-salt scent entwined with wafts of warmed Jasmine that conjures memories of childhood-past and the Summers I spent fishing, swimming and running around on the mudflats of Soldiers Point. Oh, the memories. Oh, the scents. Whatever the scent is; we all have a scent-library in our brain – ones that conjure up some brilliant, and not-so-brilliant memories.

So, it is no wonder that Jo Malone (one of my all-time favourite brands and purveyors of exquisite scents) has released a new range: ‘My Wanderlust’ by Charlotte Stockdale: that are inspired by memories of faraway places, captured in scent form. The whole collection is inspired by Charlotte’s favourite places to quench her wanderlust, and includes a Box Hedge Square Scent, Night Jasmine & Oregano Linen Spray, Acacia & Honey Soap and a Lime Basil Mandarin Diffuser… and the Cardamon and Moroccan Rose Home Candle.


The Jo Malone Cardamon and Moroccan Rose Home Candle* from the ‘My Wanderlust’ range is reminiscent of the foothills of the Atlas mountains: expansive, bright, warm and opulent. Rich in Moroccan rose, the sumptuous scent is decadent and soothing. Once lit, it allows you to unfurl in sumptuous honeyed spice and be invigorated with aromatic cardamom and ginger. It is a natural and earthy candle that envelopes you in fuzzy feelings of warmth.

What I love about this candle is its ability to capture the visual memories within a scent – it doesn’t just rely on your nose, but on inducing memories or thoughts related to that scent. For Charlotte, it is the Atlas Mountains.

“Scent makes you want to explore a place or reminds you very distinctly of where you have been. Like music, it not only reminds you of where, but when you’ve been there too. It takes you back to a time in your life. Or it can be something that makes you want to go somewhere new.”  — Charlotte Stockdale

So, if you ever want to venture off to the Atlas Mountains – go! But this candle is probably (a whole lot) cheaper!


Speaking of scents that transport you to foreign lands – how about a reverse wanderlust? From all the smells that I have smelt in my life, there is only one ‘home smell’ – the smell that allows my home-sickness to leave and brings comfort and warmth to my soul. That is the Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily!

This is the scent I will be travelling with, repurchasing when I run out (in Jo Malone’s hometown – London) and will be a constant reminder to me of how blessed I am to have a loving and healthy family (even though they are on the opposite side of the world). Sometimes, scents can transport you. But, then sometimes, they can calm the soul. Jo Malone has constantly done that for me – and again, did it with their new ‘My Wanderlust’ range. #ARoundOfApplause

So, I guess we are no longer relying on smelling like teen spirit. Nope! Now we are smelling like nostalgia! Do you have a favourite nostalgic scent?

For more information, visit the Jo Malone website AU || UK

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