The Wanderlust Scout is a newbie in the travel blog world, but blogging is definitely not new to me. I have been blogging for almost three years now over on Skeeter and Scout – an Australian beauty blog. However, what inspired me to start a separate travel blog (aside from the fact that I would be travelling this year, and had a massive thirst to quench my travel writing lust) were the other travel blogs out there that I would frequent… daily!

So, in the spirit of sharing, I will give you my top travel blogs that are inspiring, wanderlust-quenching and totally eye-orgasmic! So, be prepared to gain a travel-tooth: like a sweet tooth, but instead of a desire for sugar, you will now have a desire for travel #Sorry #NotSorry!



Oh me, oh my.. THE PHOTOS!! This chick knows what makes a mean shot. She is also super lovely and I actually got to interview her over on my Beauty and Lifestyle blog– talk about Lucky Lucy!

Why I love this blog?

Clean and professional layout.

Logo is the best out of ALL the travel blogs (actually blogs in general) that I have seen.

Her photos do the speaking – they are breathtaking and wanderlust-inducing!

She lives a life that we might be jealous of, but she is down-to-earth and just lovely.

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I had the pleasure of hanging out with Phoebe in Melbourne recently, and boy – is she divine! Not only is she so lovely, but she writes an awesome travel blog and knows how to rock a ridiculously fab side braid (I am epically jealous of her hair talent).

Why you need to check her blog out?

Her writing is witty, self-depricating AND, really easy to read.

She has great insight into basically everything travel related – she is a bank of knowledge (I like to pick her brain).

She has the most soothing voice (seriously, check out her YouTube videos).

She has epic hair… She makes this part time beauty blogger well-jell!

She has lived in London, so has a lot of content about moving countries – perfect for me 🙂



The World Of Wanderlust has been a long-time favourite of mine. Brooke Saward writes a mean and awesome blog that showcases her travels and everything in between. She is the one to watch – her content is taking over the world (I swear)!

Why I love her site?

She comes across as genuine, is realistic with her travels, and full of insightful.

She takes a bloody brilliant photo and instagram.

She is transparent and honest in her writing, and that is definitely admirable (I think a lot of bloggers forget that).

She understands blogging, and is happy to share her thoughts and opinions in her rather epic e-books. The girl has smarts (and I am a tad jelly-belly)! You can see what she has to offer here.

She is a beauty – I won’t lie, I have a bit of a girl crush on how effortless and gorgeous she always looks in her photos! Oh, and I got to interview her on my beauty and lifestyle blog.

tuula vintage travel blog


Ok, I would normally assign Jess and her ridiculously eye-gasmic blog to the fashion blogs category, but it really is a travel AND fashion blog. Jess is constantly discovering so many beautiful places around the world, and giving you a glimpse whilst spruiking the latest fashion. Yes, she is really IS that lucky (and deservedly so – she is full of talent and can really work her angles)!

Why my fingers keep navigating back to her site?

Seriously, have you checked out the content? Every single image is a symphony to my eyes.

She has visited some of the most unreal destinations, and amps up their pretty factor with natural poses and a killer outfit

Everything about this site is easy to manoeuvre and seriously scroll worthy. Apologies in advanced – you will be hooked.



Mister weekender aka Jaharn, has a genuine knack for creating exquisite imagery – I am sure the landscapes she visits help, too! Jaharn has created a little nook on the internet that is exploding with her adventures, tips and tricks and advice on how to get more out of your weekends.

Why I can’t stop dropping by this site?

Her site is clean, professional and all kinds of beautiful (the User-Experience is next level).

She has a bloody brilliant talent for creating images that induce a seriously deep wanderlust… and need to revamp ones travel wardrobe ha!

She has a knack for finding beautiful places and then taking epic instagram photos, just so we can end up drooling over out iPhone screens with jealousy!

Photography skills = #NextLevel



If I could have travelled the world in my childhood, I would have grown up one ridiculously content child (that is not to say I had a shit childhood – I had an epic one, in fact). This unbelievably lucky (and darn smart) family of 4 are currently travelling the globe, and producing some top-notch content.

Why I recommend this site to all my family friends?

It is realistic, and gives a family’s perspective on travelling.

There is not a whole lot of travel content directed to traveling with a family (only interstate) so they offer a brilliant perspective on making the (what would seem) unattainable, attainable!

Honest and well written, and talks about the nitty-gritty, instead of the glamorous (cause let’s be real – travelling ain’t all that glam, y’all)!



Emma  is the creative minx behind Spin Dizzy Fall. It is a blog that is a hybrid of fashion, lifestyle and travel, and creates some seriously jealousy inducing travel videos that you can’t help but want to visit afterwards.

What I love about this fashionista’s dream, blog?

Her long lush brown locks are always perfectly styled with a trendy hat (and I love my hats).

Content is to the point with no superlatives or overly fluffy wording (don’t beat around the bush when you can say it plain and simple – just how I like it)

Instagram feed will have you wanting to jet off to Bali or simply frolic at Bondi in a hot bikini! #Fitspo

Do you have a travel blog that you love? Be sure to share it with me.

Image Credit – World of Wanderlust, Polkadot Passport, Little Grey Box, Mister Weekender, Travel with Bender, Emma Lucey, Tuula Vintage.

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