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You would think quality and expensive were mutually exclusive; but sometimes this is not the case. As with every product I trial, I am always wary of the price point and if a price point is super high, I place higher expectations on the products – I only ever recommend products that I have tried and that I think are worth their money. So, entering into the last month of me trialling these three products from CR Formulations, I was a little hesitant. If the products were average, I wouldn’t recommend them to you as they are rather exxy. But, alas, these products out-shone the average and earned themselves a golden star in my books.

CR Formulations is the said to be the ultimate, beauty-boosting skincare range for women of all ages. The range boasts the highest percentage of proven active ingredients and a multitude of antioxidants to counteract the visible signs of ageing. They are high potency, high performing and will blow your mind (well, two out of the three did for me). Here are my three favourites from the range.

CR Formulations ‘The One’


Whilst extremely highly priced for a serum, this little bottle packs a punch, and last for yonks. It is the brand’s signature serum, packed full of potent ingredients designed to plump, tighten and fortify the skin. It also contains my favourite anti-ageing ingredient; Matrixyl3000®: so it was little wonder my fine lines began to fade, and my skin was plumper.

The serum is not oily or leave a tacky residue as I first thought it would. Instead, it seeps into the skin, and leaves your skin soft and silky – just what you would want.

CR formulations

CR Formulations Pearl & Bamboo Face Polish


This exfoliator is designed to be a gentle one, that renews, smooths and cleanses. It contains crushed Mother of Pearl and Bamboo powder to gently buff and refine, and AHA-rich fruit extracts to dissolve the glue-like substances that stick to the skin.

To be honest, I wasn’t that fussed with this one. For that price, I would expect it to be delivered to my skin on a bed of roses, with a Harry Styles look-alike massaging and rubbing it into my skin. Alas, it didn’t (probably had too high an expectation of it ha). But, what it DID do, was remove leftover makeup quite well. Whilst I was a fan of that aspect, I wasn’t blown out of the water from it. I would expect a bit more from it, but still use it frequently.

CR Formulations Silk & Pearl Peptide


The Silk & Pearl Peptide Serum designed to be a light emulsion that helps to boost hydration. I found that it really helped my skin become a little more radiant after it a scrub (above) and also helped to soothe and boost hydration after I used my Glycolic acid. It also worked as a sweet-ass primer to help my foundation stay in place, and boost luminosity.

CR Formulations has so many fancy, schmancy and delicious sounding products that I am eager to add to my skincare menu over the year. Going off the results I saw with these three, I would happily invest in more.

For more information, you can visit their website here

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I was kindly gifted 2 out of the 3 of these products. I purchased ’The One’ with my own funds.

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