Travel blogger interview

I am currently obsessing over Travel blogs. They are filling my time with wanderlust, desire and passion. They are also peaking my interest as I just launched  my own travel blog (shout out to my new baby, The Wanderlust Scout) as a side project for Skeeter & Scout (and to also document my own travels when I leave for London soon).

But, one of my all time favourite travel blogs that I frequent (a little too much to admit) would have to be Polkadot Passport – this gal literally takes THE BEST photos… go check her out! 

Nicola, from Polkadot Passport is a professional photographer, lover of peppermint tea, drives a bright yellow mini and has a heart teaming with wanderlust. She is an Aussie, and is currently living in NZ, taking you/ her readers on the ride with all of her adventures. She is also one seriously epic logo maker (check out her logo on the blog – it is literally one of the coolest I have seen).

I had the chance to shoot her some questions a (long) while back, and got to learn a lot more about this vivacious nomad – who definitely has won me over with her instagram and blog! So, why not pull up a chair, throw on the kettle, and enjoy this little interview.

Travel blogger interview

1. 3 beauty products you purchase again and again?

Lancôme Teint Idole Foundation, Revlon Grow Luscious Waterproof Mascara and Mac Lipstick in any and every shade of pink

2. Pull one thing out of your handbag – what is it?

Eclipse Mints… You will literally never find me without them

3. One thing that has made you smile today?

I’ve been up in the mountains in Colorado- surrounded by pine trees, blue skies and wildflowers, it’s been hard not to smile!

Travel blogger interview

4. (Finish this sentence) I am inspired by….

The complexity, diversity and beauty of humans and of nature

5. Favourite websites/ blogs / cant stop browsing pages…

Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper Girl- so obsessed by both of their fashion/ travel blogging!

6. Celebrity crush?
Matt Corby- that voice just melts me

7. Secret talent?
Leprechaun dancing and Gollum impressions. Just don’t ask me to do both at once.

8. Signature scent?
Chanel Eau De Tendre

9. 3 random things about you?

I have an average of 7 cups of tea a day
I’ve survived a snake bite
I laugh during horror movies even though I’m terrified Travel blogger interview

What made you start Polkadot passport, and what do you hope to get out of it (apart from the fact that I am in love with it and your Instagram 😉 )?

After constantly trawling through travel blogs and being constantly inspired- I thought hey, maybe one day I can have something awesome like that and inspire people with travel! It starts as merely a place to share my photos from my travels. I was getting a lot of emails of people asking travel advice and tips and it suddenly clicked! I could create a platform to both inspire people through pictures and also share travel stories, tips and advice with the cyber world! It’s also a great way to settle my itchy feet when I’m not on the road.

That logo is so rad – tell us how you did it?

Thank you! Well, it was actually quite a funny process. I have a multi-level house and the upstairs family room looks down on to a deck. I delicately balanced my camera on a tripod to point out the window and down on to the deck, spread out a massive white background and set a self-timer to run downstairs and lie on it. My family must have thought I was crazy. Then the world map was overlaid afterwards in photoshop! 

Travel blogger interview

Favourite country or place you have visited, and why?

Switzerland! This is my answer every time. I mean, I’ve fallen in love with so many places, but I think aesthetically I fell in love with Switzerland more than anywhere else. The snow-capped mountains, waterfalls cascading off cliffs, wooden chalets, cute little churches… It’s positively dreamy.

How do you keep your skin in check with so much travel (sunscreen, changing temperatures, planes)?

I use a foundation that has SPF in it and is also quite moisturizing, so that secures me for the times when the sun in blaring down and I forget sunscreen (which seems to be quite often) and when I am entering in to a drier climate. I tend to avoid wearing makeup on long-haul flights to give my skin a break, and will always take with me cleansing wipes when I’m on the go!


What is your number one tip for taking beautiful photos that people just want to share/ regram/ repost…drool over?

Think different! No one will blink an eye at a photos of the Eiffel Tower or the colosseum that they have seen a million times before. Get a new perspective- look for interesting textures, foregrounds, people or angles… Anything that will make your photos stand out from the millions and millions of pictures that are posted every day!

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