The Belrose Hotel has become a somewhat ‘local’ eatery for me ever since I moved back home from Austria. It was my “local” because I live close by, a lot of my friends would hang out there on a Friday evening enjoying a bevy and chowing down on some pizza. I never considered it a ‘restaurant’ – it was always just a cheap and convenient place to eat. I hadn’t frequented it since I had some seriously shitty service about 6 months ago where it literally took 1.5 hours for my pizza to arrive – definitely a not.happy.Jan moment! So, when I was asked if I wanted to check it out after it had a little revamp, I was cautious at first (what was it going to have that I hadn’t experienced before?), but then jumped at the chance at reigniting my love my ‘local’, and swiftly jumped in the car and made my way there.


Don’t let that face fool you, Tilly LOVED hanging with me at The Belrose Hotel! She cannot wait to be tall enough to play with all the other kids in the in-door playground.

Everyone will alway have preconceived ideas of place – it is human nature. So, hesitation was my thoughts behind visiting it again. But, boy oh boy, I was kinda, no, REALLY impressed with my experience there.

Not only are the staff super lovely and attentive, but the food is wayyyyy better than it used to be, and  the atmosphere was somewhat different – a bit more classier than before.

Now onto the important things: what did I eat, and do I rate it?!

Ok, let’s start with the fact that I have a tendency to be a picky eater (hate roasted foods) but the menu was chock-full of so many delicious sounding  foods that I really struggled to narrow it down to a few dishes. So, we went with the Vegetarian Burger,  Arancini Balls, chips and the Manuka Honey infused roast Pumpkin sala (definitely was not having its finest day – was not a fan of this one, but can see where its potential lies). By far my favourite was the Vegetarian Burger – I am a sucker for Goat’s Cheese, and the pattie was soft and delicious and the bread was sweet and soft ** bellissimo **)!

Oh, and how could I forget, the Mojito was to die for – it truly was next-level. AND, they even had my favourite Moscato on the menu – Annie’s Lane (they know the way to my sweet-alcohol-loving heart)!


I could eat Italian every day!

The re-styled Belrose Hotel is said to be set to become THE destination on Sydney’s North side for a comfortable family dining experience – and I can see why. It has long been famous for decent food, and a family atmosphere, but it just got even better.

The changes to the “Belrose” is that guests are now greeted on arrival by a host, show to their pre-booked table and then looked after with full table service (prior, it was a ‘order, pay and collect’ system). This is perfect for parents, so they can now relax and not have to worry about leaving their kids at the table whilst they collect all the food.


What I found great about the place, is not only the food, but that it caters to all ages – young and old – and they even have a bar (that makes cocktails) and a cafe menu if you just want to get the kids out of the house, and into their indoor play centre and enjoy a coffee! I think the fact that it covers all bases, and classily, will ensure its’ long-running success.

Do you have a local restaurant that you like to frequent? 

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