Guess what? I HAVE STRETCH MARKS. Yep, true story. But do you know what? These things do NOT define me.

Sure, stretch marks are a bitch. I know I should be all in to self-love and all that crap, but to be honest, I am not when it comes to my stretch marks. I love myself and my body is pretty amazing at what it can do, but I am seriously in a hate-hate relationship with my marks of the stretch. But again, they do NOT define who I am as a person – and they shouldn’t, you.

Sure, I could ramp on about self-love: but I am not one to echo those kinds of things – you have to find that within yourself. Instead, how about I help a sister out and give you my feedback and some expert opinions instead.

Alexia Shinas, from Next of Skin (my favourite beautifying peeps) gives us the run down on what stretch marks are and how to prevent them:

Stretch marks are a form of scaring that tend to form in the dermis during periods of hormonal flux, and other periods of hormone change. When the body’s elastic fibres, deep beneath the dermis becomes damaged, these scars can appear.”

To prevent stretch marks, Shinas recommends “keeping your skin hydrated and healthy, and using a thick moisturiser. There is (sadly) no cure for stretch marks” – basically, when you have them, you have them.

Unfortunately, I have taken my own advice a little too late, and am sadly in the process of fading my scars, and preventing further.

So, here are a few common and not-so-well-known remedies to boost your elasticity in your skin to help prevent or lessen the appearance of stretch marks– Something I wish somebody had told me before I became riddled with the stretch. Sure, they won’t help you get rid of stretch marks after they appear (unless you have a time machine), but they will help the severity of them.


These are my top picks:

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula For Dry Itchy Skin


This soothing oil is perfect for tight skin or itchiness, often associated with Pregnancy. This oil is the perfect accompaniment to any baby-on-board-belly as it contains vitamin E – an ingredient known to help make skin supple and dewy.

Even better, it is no-greasy and sprays on.


From $14.95 for 60mL

This oldy, but a goodie is the bees knees at helping to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil which reduces the thickness of the formulation.

Bio-Oil is easily absorbed and helped to ensure the targeted delivery of its key ingredients – vitamins A and E, and the natural plant oils calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile.

It can be used all over the body, and even works a treat up the nose when you are suffering some serious dry nasal passage in winter.

In Essence Stretch Mark Prevention Blend


This blend of natural body oil is enriched with organic jojoba, rose hip oil, apricot kernel and vitamin E to promote suppleness and elasticity. All-in-all, helping to nourishing and soften the skin to ensure it is nice and stretchy (and not stretched). Pure essential oils of rosewood, geranium, neroli and bergamot in the blend promote relaxation and encourage cell renewal. The Stretch Mark Prevention Blend absorbs easily into the skin.

Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks


In terms of application, this baby takes the cake-  mostly because I am innately lazy, and this application is basically foolproof (and fun).

The Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion delivers a shot of lotion that intensely moisturises sans parabens and phthalates. It contains cocoa butter, vitamin E, collagen and elastin to seriously up the hydrating and elastic-y factor.

It provides 24 hour moisture, is quickly absorbed and will leave you obsessed with touching your silky skin.

Environ Skincare AVST A, C and E Body Oil


Oooo, baby! I have serious love for this high dosage A, C and E oil. These vitamins are notorious for skin hydration and suppleness, and offers an improvement in skin texture and blasts dryness.

Out of all the products I have tested throughout my (almost) 3 years of beauty blogging, this would have to be my absolute favourite and most recognisable difference (in body products). It helped boost the appearance of my skin (all over), improved fine lines on my chest, reduced skin irregularity on my butt and arms, and helped to soothe inflamed-looking stretch marks on my inner thigh and hips. I would recommend this baby without hesitation.

Sure, you might cringe at the price tag, but can i just say – ABSOLUTELY worth every penny if you are after an all-rounder body helper.

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These products were provided for editorial consideration. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.

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