Let’s chat the products I was totally raving-madly-in-love-with this November!

Concoction Haircare

Oh boy, have I found your latest haircare obsession – a customisable solution for those not wanting to conform to the stock-standard, humdrum that is the hair market.

Concoction haircare allows you to personalise your shampoo and conditioner by adding super serums to cure all those hair woes that one might have – basically, you become a hair-mixologist. A cheap solution (at $5 per serum) to qualm any issues that might arise, this range of haircare covers almost all of your bases with thermo-straight, curls and brunette. All you gotta do is crack open a serum and add to your shampoo or conditioner, shake and wallah – a personalise solution to hair-wonderland.

I have been using these beauties for the last two weeks and I have not stopped stroking my hair – so silky, so fresh, so loving this shit right now!

Concoction Hair products are available exclusively through David Jones – now, go call the shots!


Olay Regenerist Luminous Brightening Range

Hands up who suffers from the dreaded lacklustre skin? Well, you aren’t alone; I do too!

This Olay range, when used twice a day, work to brighten one’s complexion to reveal luminous skin you can only dream of. I used for two weeks and noticed some increase in luminosity – especially in the vibrancy of my skin. Infact, people would usually ask if I was sick when I didm’t wear makeup – and people stopped making that comment and said I was glowing – pretty great response if you ask me. 

The range works to brighten dull and uneven skin, leaving it smooth and conditioned and hydrated to instantly illuminate a youthful luminosity. Test it out if you are 20-30 and after a little ego boost, or a new glow-getting skincare range. Highly recommended.

Bioderma Sensibo H20 Reverse Pump

Bioderma was basically the reason I travelled to Paris. Ok, ok- that might be a bit steep of a statement: I did actually want to go to Paris initially for the men, the fashion and the Eiffel tower. But, at the time Bioderma Crealine was all the rage in Austria, and I knew I just had to pick myself up some of this ‘miracle water’ the minute I stepped off the plane: and I did.

Now, what is so special about this ‘miracle water’ you ask? Well, not only is Bioderma Sensibo (once named Crealine) a babe at removing make up minus the scrub and irritation: it is also the best cleanser for those sensitive Sallys, such as myself.

They are also repackaged (exclusive to Priceline) with a reverse pump which allows for refilling and meaning all you gotta do is put a cotton pad over the top of the dispenser and push down to release the perfect amount of french miracle formulate. Nifty if you ask me!

GUESS ‘Dare’ Perfume

I have an achilles for fresh scents – and my achilles has recently been left broken, pining for the newest scent from the GUESS family.

This subtle and masculine scent is sure to peak interest with this phenomenal new scent. With notes of green and fruity florals, it is vibrant and juicy, but daring. confident. provocative as well. With top notes of crisp Kumquat, Pear Blossom and fresh Lime Flower, and then woody, dry undertones that evoke youthfulness – basically, it is the shiz!

Inspired by the 70s  Charlie’s Angels, Bond Girls and Peggy Lipton in the Mod Squad, this unique blend of notes capture the audacious spirit of the GUESS girl and is a scent that you will be awed by in a second of sniffing it.


La Mav Nourish Body Moisturiser

La Mav continuously surprise me with their ever-growing collection. I am addicted to their Vitamin C Elixir (which I wrote about in FJORDE magazine). But their latest development – their body care range – is spectacular.

This lotion is rich, but non-greasy; hydrating and perfectly sized for next to your bed, to slap on when you are feeling a little dusty and dry. It is a moisture-locking blend of organic ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil etc, to relieve dehydrated skin and is a must-have addition to your Summer body routine.


This range of pure brilliance is the first range of skincare to smooth away first expression lines with a double relaxing and de-stressing action. It is the perfect potion for any type of younger skin (in their 20s), or those seeing the first signs of ageing.

I have become besotted with the Creme Nirvanesque because it smells heavenly and really boosts my skin’s radiance overnight. I wake up feeling refreshed and my skin hydrated. It has helped plump up my skin and is certainly helping with the little lines that were creeping up onto my skin (gotcha premature ageing)!

ECOYA French Pear Hand and Body Lotion and Wash

I don’t know how many times I had said it – but I am such a scent person. And this French Pear scent is icing on the cake… or my hands, I suppose!

ECOYA never put a foot wrong, and these (double-the-usual-size-for-the-same-price) lotions and potions are testament to that. Not only are they hydrating and take you on a scent-safari, but they are also pretty to look at and fit seamlessly in any bathroom – or jazz up a fugly sink! They also make an excellent gift for Christmas, or maybe for a Mum-to-be… Just sayin’! 

Luxcurly Lux Natural 28mm barrel curler 

Hands up who loves those big barrel curls? Me too, but man I suck at them. I have always invested in an easy-to-achieve curling tongs, and have stumbled across this beauty that also helps to achieve those luscious curls in seconds flat, and super easily!

The Luxcurly Lux natural 28mm round barrel curler is an auto-rotating hair curling iron that uses a tourmaline ceramic barrel to achieve beautiful curls… AND rotates in both directs so you can achieve a natural-looking curl. It is simple to use: hook in hair, press button, reverse… wallah!

The one downside for me was that it indented my curl with the clip – but other than that, I was quite impressed.

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All these products were sent to me for editorial consideration. As with everything, my opinion is always my own. 

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