This year has been epic for me: working full time, blogging, attending events, freelancing, being obsessed with One Direction.. you know, the usual! But, it was also the year I became an Aunt for the first time. Because I am moving overseas, I like to spend as much time as I can with Tilly (so, I wake up and find her downstairs). We spend a good hour or two together: well, she sleeps on my bed whilst I check emails and then we attempt selfie time on the ground – how can this not brighten your morning?

 9.30 am

Sydney is notorious for horrible traffic, and unfortunately for me – I left the house during ‘don’t-know-how-to-merge’ hour. I sit in traffic for a good hour as I make my way to Bondi for a beauty gifting sweet. I arrive, with 30 minutes to spare, and take a deep breath before I enter the suite – can’t go in with the stress-levels that trip just gave me.

The weather is glorious today and I end up spending my lunch-time at Bondi’s Bucketlist with Michelle from Beauty.Life.Michelle. We catch up on gossip, indulge in a little tapas and sangria, and thoroughly enjoy people watching – who knew Bondi was full of so many hot surfers?!


1 pm 

After too much sun, too much food and too much girly talk, I venture back to my land of the Northern Beaches. But on the way home, I swing by a PR office to pick up a pair of shoes I am shooting and to say hey.

I always love chatting to all the PR gals in the office – they make my day, and it is nice to chat. I went from working in a corporate office, to working by myself at home (in between moving countries) so it can become very isolating.



I realised the last glass of water I consumed today was at 7 am and am starting to feel a little like the Sahara! Thank goodness I have my favourite OVI Hydration on hand. It swoops in like a proper superhero, and saves my day – my thirst was starting to get the better of me, and I was beginning to fade.

OVI is the newest (and tastiest) hydration beverage to hit Australian shelves. It is a delicious infusion of water, fruit, natural flavours, honey and natural minerals with antioxidants from green tea, and designed to hydrate and help a mate out, every day!

Because they come in 3 different flavours: peach (my favourite), Berry and Citrus: I am never bored. And, they are also ticking all my boxes in the low on sugar and calories game – a game I clearly love to win at.


I quickly tidy up my study and vow to make an impact on it tomorrow (beauty products have been piling up, and I think I might die from a moisturiser avalanche one day). Turns out I am shit at making promises and am yet to ‘clear out the study’.

Maybe I shall add that to my new years resolution, perhaps?


After a quick tidy I race around the house emptying bins and throwing a load of washing on. I have this epic need to clean (except my study – that I have no desire to). If I don’t stay on top of house work, I will end up looking like a hoarder to anyone who comes over, or even worse – having my obituary read like a Bridget Jones novel ‘She died eternally single. Nobody realised she had carked it till a pack of Alsatians ate her. RIP Lucy Pilz’!




Ralph (my Pug x Jack Russell) is going me those doe eyes and it is hard to resist. I am working on a client’s Social Media Strategy but I would so much rather just not doing it, to be honest. So I quickly strap the little dude (ok, he ain’t little – his neck rolls have rolls) into his harness and we go for a brisk walk around the block.



I arrive home our walk to the most MASSIVE bouquet of red roses. Perhaps I have a secret admirer. Perhaps I wont die alone after-all?!

Before I can entirely reach celebration mode, I realise that they aren’t from a secret admirer. Nope, just a massive (and generous) bunch of roses from a haircare company telling me I should break up with my stylist and take to at home hair dying. I love their enthusiasm – but I also love my hair colourist!

After trying to get the best angle for the ‘perfect instagram shot’, I upload the photo, throw on a jumper and race to my Xtend Barre class for some proper exercise!



I make it to my Xtend Barre class on time (phew) and endure a hour of absolute torture. I swear, I love this exercise, but it burns like the power of a thousand suns. This better make me look like a freaking Victoria’s Secret model after this.


Phew, I am back in my car and replenishing with another OVI Hydration – this time, Citrus. I feel refreshed and have forgotten about the buckets of sweat I just left on the ground.


I arrive home, down some protein and dinner and attempt ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’. Ok, maybe a tad over-adjective; just two fights of stairs to my bedroom and bathroom.

I am going to be in a load of pain tomorrow –that class was ‘next-level’ painful.



I finally get back to that digital strategy and end up working on it till about midnight. It is then that I realise I have a 6am wakeup as I have to be at a Yoga event at 8am in the city.

Shit, I seriously wish I was more organised!

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This post is in collaboration with OVI Hydration

Images- Own and courtesy of Michelle from Beauty.Life.Michelle

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