Cloud Nine are the Kings of hair styling, and today, I thought I would let you be the queen of styling and tell you how to get the tousled beach look with the Cloud Nine Micro Wand*.

I recently ventured out with some friends for a night out, and used the micro wand to achieve my tousled (very relaxed) look, and loved it. The Cloud Nine Micro Wand offers two temperature settings (like the touch straightener) so you dont overheat fine hair (like mine). They use Korean rock minerals in their plates to ensure your locks are left glossy, and protected – none of those nasty stylers that destroy your hair at first use.

Ok, enough chit-chat, onto the nitty gritty – how to achieve the beach hair look!


Step One.

Prep your locks by blowdrying your hair with a paddle brush to lit the roots.

Step Two.

Section the hair in three sections (you can tie it up in mini buns to make it easier).

Step Three.

After turning the Cloud Nine Micro Wand on, wrap the hair around the wand once bear the roots (on the base section). Hold the end of the hair and hold for 5 seconds (be careful of burning you fingers – wear a heat glove if necessary).

Step Four.

Using medium tension, slide the wand down the hair and wrap the hair around again and hold for 5 seconds.

Step Five.

Slide the wand back and forth between the two points holding the end of the hair to create texture.

Step Six.

Repeat steps three to five, to cover the rest of the head. You can do this and vary the angle of the wand for a less-uniformed look.

Step Seven.

At the crown section, take large angled sections and wrap away from the face to open the wave.

Step Eight.

Let the hair cool, and spritz with a sea salt spray – I recommend the EVO Salty Dog spray (seriously epic, and definitely a fave of mine).

Step Nine.

Run fingers loosely through your hair and finish with a hairspray for hold and grit.

And wallah! there you have it  – super sexy, tousled beach hair.

NB – I loosely wrapped my hair for a looser look, but you can make yours tighter if you wish.

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*I was kindly gifted the micro wand for editorial consideration.

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