When it comes to salons in Sydney – I have been to a fair few… and most of them I wouldn’t recommend to even my worst enemy. So, when it comes to recommending hair salons in Sydney, I can only recommend three – minimal, but actually the amount that have impressed me (which is hard to do – I am a cold-hearted-bitch at times ha). I had a steady two for the last 2 years, and the third is actually one I had the fortune of attending a few weeks back – Toni and Guy Paddington!

I am a lass who can only recommend something if it has totally outdone expectations. For me, Toni & Guy Paddington did – and so much more. It wasn’t just the awesome cut and colour, but the service that went above and beyond what I would have expected – I just wanted to hug them all.

I arrived at the salon flustered; having just had a bird take a rather large dump on my windscreen of which (not one to enjoy things coming towards my face), I flinched and screamed (as there was a thud). I then tried to reclaim my composure (clearly didn’t work). But, the minute I made my way up the stairs, I was calmed by their friendly receptionist and shown my chair and given the most delicious tea (I have a serious obsession with T2 Tea). It was like it was so effortless for them – being all lovely, and wooing me. Something I totally appreciated- actually more than appreciated.

So, yeah – I loved Toni and Guy Paddington the minute I sat down, but wait till you see what they did with my golden locks! 


Before my appointment

My hair was dry, frizzy and so so coarse at the ends. The colour was bland, dreary and lacking lustre – total opposite of a Disney Princess’s. The colour had faded immeasurably, and my roots… oh! Let’s not even go there. I hadn’t had my hair cut or coloured in 4 months, so you can see what I mean when I say it was in desperate need of a sprucing up.


After my appointment 

Oh man, it was like an hair-epiphany… a much needed hair-epiphany! I am pretty sure angels were singing ‘Glory, glory’ or some form of ‘Hallejuahs!’ at the top of their lungs for all to hear – it was hairmazing!

Yep, you could say I was all kinds of impressed with my newly transformed locks, and for a matter of reasons:

1. The dry, coarse ends and I split up. It was amicable. They are now in a relationship with the bin (they are very happy. No babies, yet).

2. The colour was not too dissimilar to my old hair, but way, way better. It was more detailed in colour, it was shiny and it was natural – it makes me look a lot more younger and refreshed, and it a less abrasive – it really plays up my eye colour a whole lot more.

And these are just a few reasons why I am so happy with my locks. So, now let’s discuss the nitty-gritty.


The Colour

Richi, the colour-maestro worked on my colour. He is the head technician on the National Artistic team whom has all kinds of accolades and prestigious nominations under his belt – he was even runner up at the International Visionary Awards at Albert Hall in London (talk about talented)My hair was definitely in the best hands! He is also a ridiculously lovely guy, who has great banter – something I feel is missing in a lot of hairdressers these days. I love a good chat!

Anyhow, Richi applied Wella Blondor Freelights to my locks to balance out the brassy and blonde tones. It was a freehand symphony of precision pre-lightening, to form a sun kissed result that I was very pleased with. I am now thoroughly channeling my inner boho-chic, surfer-gal, minus the tan (I shall work on perfecting that – fake glow, of course) and I am well pleased. The colour is glorious, and thanks to a little peachy tones added to the tips (I think I am going to go for more obvious peachy-tones, next time), I can now swoosh my locks in pride.


 The Cut

I needed length taken off my hair because it was dry – like ridiculously dry and split ends galore. But I am not really attached my to hair, so Laura, my hair-designer/ stylist (also a label.m Educator, with a serious talent full stop) worked with what I had. She took off all the dry ends (about 4 cms), and then trimmed my fringe a little to debulk.

If you knew me, you would know I have SERIOUSLY regretted trying to unearth my inner Suki Waterhouse with my chunk-fest fringe. At the time, I loved it, but two days later I hated it. I have regretted that fringe decision for the last 6 months (my own fault – nobody else’s). I was super hesitant at first for Laura to trim my fringe cause it had taken a really long time to get where it was. But, she reassured me that I needed the bulk taken out of it so that it sat better – and boy was she right. I am so much happier with how inconspicuous it is now, than before #Booyah!

Laura then styled my hair after a quick blow-dry (ever so quickly – seriously, she gots the talent) by applying label.m Sleek Blow Out Cream (cause my hair has a never-ending case of the dry-plague, and needed nourishment) and then running the tongs through it. Within 20 minutes, my hair was adequately sleek, yet dishevelled, and out the door I was channelling my inner sex-kitten/ siren (pity I went home and hangout with 6 week old niece and two dogs afterwards).

So there you have it – one epic experience with some bloody awesome results. Toni and Guy Paddington is one heck of a salon, and one I won’t be able to top.. probably ever! I will have to test out the Toni and Guys’ in London when I move there, but I can only assume they are all as epic as the Paddington salon.

What is the best hair experience you have ever had?

I received this session complimentary for editorial consideration. As with everything, my opinion is ALWAYS my own.

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