Oh boy, oh boy – do I love Jo Malone! I actually think it is the one brand that I love almost as much as my Niece… A LOT! Not that I am biased (ok, maybe I am), but I have also stumbled across three of their scents that I think you are just going to have to purchase this Summer – cause they are phenom!

Nectarine and Honey Blossom Cologne

RRP $90

Sh!t me, I actually get giddy sniffy this beauty. Literal – nasal explosion. So europhic infact, I have taken to spritzing it on my pillows at night -who needs Lavendar when you can have this blissful scent!

Jo Malone hit the perfume nail on the head with this peach sorbet inspired scent. It is tasty – spicy, fruity and packed full of peach, plum and nectarine hints that are all encumbered to youthfully scent you up!

I am loving using this as my day-to-day scent… and all the compliments I receive!

Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne

RRP $90

I love Lime in my gin. I love Basil in my salads. And I freaking Mandarins, in general. So, when you throw them altogether in a scent salad, you have this nasally nirvanic scent that makes one go weak at the knees and the boys coming crawling. Sure, it isn’t your typical floral scent- oh contraire! It is bold, citrusy,  and mesmerising – just how I like it.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne is refreshing and zesty, with subtle hints of lime and mandarin, undercut by a peppery basil punch. It is a signature scent that can be worn by men and women alike… probably why I love it so – I am a sucker for a masculine twist.


French Lime Blossom Cologne

RRP $90

This Jo Malone scent is etherial, quintessentially girly but with pizazz that packs a punch. It is also the only scent I would recommend for teenagers through to Grandma’s – it has THAT much hold.

It is florally, fresh and full-bodied (we all love ‘full-bodied’, don’t we?!). And it reminds me of Paris – the freshness, the classiness, the breeze… The never-ending beauty that appears almost out of nowhere on every corner. Parisian Summer, enlivened with a splash of bergamot and herbaceous tarragon.

It is beguiling and has subtle sophistication that needs to be smelt, to be believed.

What is next on my to buy list? Jo Malone Orange Blossom (Orange scents are my Christmas jam), 154 Cologne and a candle for my new home in London (when I get there) – they are already on my Xmas wish list (der)!

What is your favourite Jo Malone Scent?

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