Olympus pen e pl7

In collaboration with Olympus, Australia

I recently had the fortune of trialling the newest addition to the Olympus family – the Olympus PEN E-PL7 – and boy, oh boy did it tick my Gen-Y buttons!

Why, you ask? Well, basically, it has made my selfies ‘next level’. Yep – I am all kinds of vain: and I am fine with that! All us Gen-Y’ers… or people on Instagram for that matter, love a good selfie – how could you not? AND, being that I am travelling a lot next year (by myself), I have to master the art of selfie taking, to avoid the awkward “I don’t know how to ask you this in Slovakian, but can you please take a photo of me”… cause that’s hella awks, and I just don’t do awkward, ok!

So, in spirit of giving you as much information as I can, I thought I would give you a quick review (in my own language – cause technology confuses me) of what the Olympus PEN E-PL7 is like to use, and why it is so fantastic (and worthy of your money).

So, grab a cuppa and let us have a discussion on what makes the PEN E-PL7 my new (vanity driven) bestie!


1. The fully articulating screen allows one to take a selfie, sans the stress of praying you get your face in the shot.

And, it is simple to do: whip the screen out, flip and voila- your face for you to see. It also means that you can ensure the whole ‘clique’ is in the shot as you are literally looking at the photo on the LCD screen, whilst you take the photo (with you in it). It is all about inclusivity… you never leave a fellow comrade behind in the selfie game, now do you?

2. High resolution touch autofocus means you can touch selfie!

No, not a creepy or sexual innuendo, it is just an actual ability to touch to shoot to focus on the 180-degree reversed view screen, and take the ultimate selfie. It also means you don’t need to stress if you feel uncomfortable using the button on the camera – sometimes we all get a little clumsy (I for one have dropped many a camera trying to take a selfie in the past).

Technology is revolutionising our vanity, people… and I LOVE it!


Check out that full articulating and touch to shoot to focus screen! *This photo was NOT taken on the Olympus PEN E-PL7, hence the low quality.

3. In-built WIFI means you can snap your beautiful mug, and then upload it to Instagram.

The Olympus PEN E-PL7 has extremely strong smartphone integration and control via the sophisticated Olympus Image Share (OI.Share) app. Setting up a wi-fi smartphone link for the first time is quick and painless using OI.Share’s QR code based system that works with all iOS and Android phones and is available free from the App Store & Google Play. Transferring images from your camera to smartphone are simple and the Remote Control function allows for complete control of the camera from your smartphone or tablet.

So essentially, you can take professional looking photos of yourself slam dunking, and throw them onto your Instagram within seconds to start earning yourself some inside ‘likes’ (or personal gratification – however you see it).

Did I just hear every Gen-Yer’s knees trembling with excitement now?!

4. Interchangeable lenses mean you can take selfies to the extreme… as in you can see my pores if you would really like! Nah, the changeable lenses are super handy for those who wish to get a ‘closer’ or ‘sharper’ photo, and means you don’t have to commit to the stock-standard lenses most cameras come with.


Self-time that, people! Who said travelling alone was difficult?!

5. Self-timer. I bloody love a self-timer, especially when you are travelling alone. Sure, (the above) ain’t a fantastic photo but it shows that you can easily set up a photo when you are alone.

To extend on the self timer, if you download the O.I Share app, you can take photos by yourself, to the extreme. OI.Share enables LiveView touch-screen control of the E-PL7, so that it essentially becomes an extension of the camera. Tap the LiveView screen on your phone and the PEN instantly focuses and shoots. You get perfect control from up to 10 metres away for remote shooting. Yes, Olympus has finally managed to enable us to take epic action shots… of OURSELVES. Who needs travel buddies, when you have your Olympus and OI.Share.

Olympus Pen E PL7

6. In-built art filters meaning your photos are now going to look ‘next level’ and unleash your inner artist.

The PEN E-PL7 has fourteen live-preview Art Filters (with a myriad of effects) that allow you to photograph AND record with such artistic creativity, you may just fool the professionals into thinking you are one of them!

Olympus PEN E PL7

My favourite thing about the camera is that it is all inclusive – you can see if somebody is missing from your wefie (we-selfie / group selfie) meaning less bitch fights in the end (and we all like to avoid those like a ten-foot selfie stick). And, the multi-shot countdown shooting with face-detection assisted refocusing between shots lets you take a fun sequence of selfies (or group selfies/ wefies) with sharply focused results; even when you’re actively changing expressions, poses or angles. Basically, it hardly ever faults you!

My least favourite part of the camera would be that it is missing a view-finder. I am kind of a traditional girl in that I like to look through the lens, but this camera only has the screen. To be fair enough, I am probably the only person that uses the viewfinder on a digital camera, so essentially – it ain’t even a flaw… I am just being petty ha!

So, there you have it: a quick review of the Olympus PEN E-PL7 to help you decide whether you need it in your life.

Olympus PEN E PL7

The ultimate selfie – me, taking a selfie through the mirror! #Win

Have you had any experiences with the Olympus PEN range? What are your thoughts?

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I was given this camera to test out over a 6-8 week period. As with everything, my opinion is, and will always be my own.

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