Ladies, and Gentlefolk – the season of garden partying is upon us. Yes, November is almost through, and December has crept its way into our calendars quicker than you could say ‘Lucy loves One Direction’! Yep, it is here, and yes, it is freaking scary.

This year has epically fast and it is a little worrying. Not so much that it means February is coming – which means I am moving countries. But more so because it means garden party season has nudged closer, and also means – I am drastically under prepared… Until today! Today I realised that I don’t really need to invest in too much hassle – ohhhh, hell no! I don’t need that lipstick that I hate wearing and that smudges – nope.nadah.neine! In fact, I already have all my essentials on hand, already. Wanna a know what they are??? Well, keep on reading, then!



I cannot echo it enough – use protection. Susncreen, sunglasses and a hat are pivotal for summer parties, and for rocking a garden party sans the fried-Lobster look the next day (ain’t sexy peeps). I know, I know, rubbing sticky, pallid cream all over one’s body doesn’t any kind of excitement to the masses, and throwing on a hat to play can sound a little like you are in year 6 again. But, if Miley Cyrus can make tongue poking sexier than a Dolce & Gabbana advert … (Ok, that was a terrible analogy!). My point is, it ain’t hard to rock the SPF or hat or sunglasses. In-fact, it is easy as pie (and we all love pie). And, would you rather have peace of mind by adding an extra five seconds to your garden party prep, or does having your body hacked at with a scalpel to remove a skin cancer sound like a better alternative?! Hmmm.. didn’t think so people! 


Carmex, one of the world’s most loved lip balms (and one of my favourites, too), have a beautiful range of tinted lip balms, Moisture Plus, that come in clear, peach and pink pastel colours. They truly are the perfect addition to Christmas events because they are low maintenance compared to bloody lipsticks that will inevitably smudge all over ya face, OR your champagne. So not sexy, ladies.

Not only are Carmex lip products low maintenance, but they also are hydrating (Summer tends to suck the life out of my lips – sunburn, windburn… life **shakes fist**). To top it off, the Moisture Plus is compact AND has SPF 15 in it – perfect friend for an outdoor event.

When it comes to my garden party look – I never go over-the-top. I always like to keep it simple: SPF, Tinted moisturiser, slap on some mascara, a little flush to the cheeks and then a rosy or plain lip (but they must remain hydrated). So, Carmex is the natural choice when it comes to my Summer garden parties – they fit perfectly into my clutch, and make me feel beautiful, protected and fun! What is not to love?!



Any garden party you go to – Floral is ALWAYS on the agenda. It is an unspoken rule: ‘She who cometh to thine garden party, must weareth a floral dress”. I think Romeo must have said it years back!

Anyhow, my Garden Party Essential always includes a floral getup, and this one I found online is a goodie. It is heavy (so no gush of wind can make it reveal a little too much), not itchy material and is pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.

So, yeah – wear floral, go to garden party!

WEARING || ASOS Dress || Target hat

What are your garden party essentials?

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