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Cause I needed more things to fill my plate with, I have launched a bloody travel blog called The Wanderlust Scout! I won’t lie, I am mega excited about it- particularly how it has taken off in the few short weeks it has been live (and idly sitting there).

So, why did I launch another blog?!

Good question! It might come as a shock to some, and a “meh, knew that” to everyone else – but I am moving to London in early 2015. Yes, London!

I am well excited about this move (been practicing my Geordie), as it means a new chapter in my life, and a progression in my career. I work full time in social media management, and whilst I loved my job at a massive global FMCG, I craved something new: new lands, new industry and new me. I was great at my job and will continue to be, but I want more from my career – and more progression, more growth and more utilisation of my skills. And that is why I have decided to move to the UK. It is a big and scary move for me, but a truly exciting one too.


I will 100% continue Skeeter and Scout whilst I am over there, and hopefully meet some epic beauty bloggers and PR contacts in my new home. I will continue to write Australian based content (and will even have contributors attending events and writing Australian specific content for me), whilst expanding and writing about British beauty and more! But, to stay true to Skeeter and Scout as a lifestyle and beauty blog and all it’s chic-ness, and the fact that I would be travelling A LOT, I decided it was time to unleash my inner travel blogger, and start a new site dedicated solely to travel and all that it entails. This is why I started The Wanderlust Scout- your editor in travel.

The Wanderlust Scout is a travel blog dedicated to scouting the world for the best of everything, and journalling my travels online. I will scout the best hotels, restaurants, adventures, things to see, beauty salons to check out and so much more – all, from my holidays! It will also include all about my life in London, tips and tricks on how to move countries, travel fashion (the best kind of fashion), giveaways, blogging tips, blogger’s favourites countries to travel to (hola if you would like to join in) and of course, a monthly feature on ‘The Wanderluster of the Month’ – a digital wanderluster who I just have to introduce you all too (each month)!

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I have regular contributors- peeps who are writing for me from all over the world, and will be happy to consider casual contributors should you ever want to get some wanderlusting off your chest (just hola wanderlustscout@gmail.com).

I will still be taking on content, product reviews, articles and sponsored content for Skeeter and Scout, and I will also slowly be doing so for The Wanderlust Scout (so if you work in PR, and would love us to write about anything travel related, then give me a shout)!


So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Wanderlust Scout, and quench your travel lust, and say hey!

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, too!

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