Everyone gets to that stage in their life where they have to go to a baby shower, and lose their shit when they realise they have no idea what to get the Mum-to-be. Having attended a few baby showers, I, for one can vouch for the Mumma: that buying clothes is super sweet and cute, but everyone does it! And then, as is currently happening to my sister – they end up with endless supply of clothes, and the Bubba grows too quickly to be able to wear it.

So, to avoid a baby shower faux pass, here are a few ideas that would make excellent baby shower gift ideas for you to try!

Pukka Three Mint Organic Tea


Whilst not traditionally ‘beauty’, it is a seriously delicious tea that helps aid digestion and refresh. It is top quality, loved by almost everyone I give to (pregnant or not) and is the perfect way for a Mum-to-be or Mum to unwind after a big day.

It is a tea that I cannot express in words how addicted I am, let alone how much you will be too. I drink 2 cups a day, and have so many other Pukka branded teas in my arsenal for when I am in need of something refreshing.

Simple Skincare Facial Wipes

I love these beauties, and so will Mumma! Ain’t nobody got time to cleanse in the first few weeks, so these beauties make the ideal gift to give.

*Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk


When the baby comes into the world, washing their hair because a luxury for some Mums. They don’t even have time to change their clothes some days let alone have 20 minutes to themselves to jazz up their locks. This is why dry shampoo is a secret weapon for soooo many Mums.

Klorane Dry Shampoo has been a LONG time favourite of mine, and is always part of the baby shower pack I give at showers. It smells divine and gets rid of the oil in no time.


*Vanessa Megan VM Baby Wash and Massage Oil

$39.95 each

If you knew me, you would know how utterly addicted I am to this brand. And now my little niece is, too!

Vanessa Megan VM Baby range is one gift every Mother would love to receive because it takes all the principles of organic ingredients, and throws them into the masterpiece that is the range.

The Wash is formulated using olive leaf extract to moisturise and essential oils such as Lavender and Mandarin to leave little one smelling like heaven.

The VM Massage Oil is something that Matilda (my niece) has become a massive fan of having gotten a tad dry skinned over the past few days. Massaged into the skin or dropped into the bathtub, it leaves Babys’ skin supple, irritation free and smelling again, like heaven. Trust me on this one – this is product every Mum will thank you for.

Glasshouse Fragrances Galapagos Candle


Again, taking to the principle of ‘something for Mum’, this delectable candle is a necessity. All Mums and Dads deserve to de-stress when there is a littly in the household, and what better way than with their feet up after they have gone to bed and with a subtle, delicate and soothing candle?

Because it is triple scented, the scent dresses the room in a cloak of energising scents. Although it is an energising scent, it isn’t too overwhelming, and will perfectly cover up any ‘pooey-nappy’ smells when people come to visit.

*ECOYA French Pear Hand and body lotion and Hand and Body Wash

$24.95 each

The ECOYA hand wash and lotions are a delight for guest bathrooms, or as a treat for Mum and Dad. Lord knows how many nappies are going to be changed over the first year, and how many times that requires hand washing – so you might as well treat yo Mumma (or Mum-to-be) with this indulgent, yet epically delicious (and not all that pricey) range of indulgent washes and lotions that are also free from the nasty shit we often find in lotions and potions #Winning!

Also, just to add, these ECOYA babies are now double the size for the same price! Heck yes, we love value at Skeeter and Scout.

*Burt’s Bee Baby Bee ‘Getting Started Kit’ 


Another little beauty treat for Bubba in this seriously cute kit. The kit includes:

  • Nourishing Lotion
  • Tear Free Shampoo and Wash
  • Diaper Ointment
  • Nourishing Baby Oil
  • Buttermilk Soap

.. Basically everything you will need, in teeny-tiny size, perfect for the Summer holidays or weekend getaways.

Burt’s Bee is a natural skincare brand, that takes the whole ‘natural’ thing seriously, and gives you premium product for not a whole lotta mullah! They are perfectly sized for a tiny little holiday, or for use.. whenever! The Diaper Ointment helps to soothe the littlie’s butt, whilst the Buttermilk Soap acts are the perfect replacement to body washes – and is irritation free.

What are your top picks for a baby shower?

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*These products were provided for editorial consideration. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.

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