Everyone loves a ‘the best of’ – so why not a best of for the month of October. My favourites products that I have scouted over the month of October, and why I would recommend them to you.

Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup SPF 15*

My skin thinks it is all badass, when in fact it is just a nerdy, splotchy thing trying to be gangsta. Literally, my skin has serious issues. Sure, it is pretty much spot free (hallejuah – only took… my whole life), but my god – the texture is like a right royal shiteness! So, for days where I NEED to hide behind a foundation that for some miraculous reason, can help even my skin tone out – I know that I can trust Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup.

This compact of skin secrets has the ability to turn my lumpy, craptastic skin, into something that I could be proud of. Like gold star proud of. I slap on a bit of foundation, then blend this baby on over the top, and wallah – magic. I would usually team with the Even Better Foundation but someone (that is me) stupidly dropped the bottle off my verandah the day of purchase.. and has been cringing ever since. None-the-less, this compact is a MUST use, and has pride of place in my makeup bag.

Aveda Shampure*

No, I know how to spell – don’t you worry your blessed hearts. Aveda Shampure is not shampoo – it is in fact a calming aromatic oil that helps to pure-ize the skin and scalp, and works as a massage oil, boosting circulation and leaving you feeling rather zenned.

I suffer what most would call “shit scalp syndrome” …. flakey scalp… ok, I admit it – I got the dandruff plague! It truly ain’t sexy and at times, drives me crazy. But since I started pre-shampooing with this little beauty, my scalp flares ups have reduced, and my scalp has been a whole lot less flakey! And we all love less snow on the mountains.

Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Gel Body Moisture*

Let me just start with – I am pretty sure I have fallen head-over-heels in nasal lust with this Body Gel. Why, you ask?! Well, probably because it smells like freshly cut grass mixed with a tossing of lemon. It is zesty, fresh and oh so scrumptious. The amount of times someone has commented on my smell (from this is actually ridic – you would think i would have been able to score a boyfriend by now #AlasNot).

Moving on from the obvious delicious scent, the second best feature of this beauty necessity is the fact that it is super hydrating. Like seriously hydrating people. You whip it on and you spend the rest of the day stroking your arm. Not sure it is conducive to being productive, but it certainly knows how to make this girl happy!

Scout Cosmetics Organic Mineral Foundation*

I have always loved mineral foundations – but only of the powdered variety. I have never fallen in love with a liquid one cause it has never offered me coverage and looks cakey. Well, that has changed. I have actually found a foundation that is organic, mineral and doesn’t leave my skin cakey – and I even recently interviewed their CEO!

Scout Cosmetics is an excellent organic brand that I know and trust, but am now an epic fan of. This foundation spreads easily onto the skin, blends into the skin to provide even coverage and also delivers hydration throughout the day. It is actually a foundation that needs to be tried to be believed.

Arbonne Genius Booster Serum*

Seriously, don’t you fecking (pardon my French) hate arm skin? Serious question, guys! My arms are so blotchy and blergh, and just so not what I would have expected in life (such a first world problem – oh so aware). But, with a little help from my nifty friend Arbonne Genius Booster Serum’, I have started to combat the blergh and move towards hurrah (work-in-progress).

This little bottle of anti-ageing body serum encourages gorgeous and radiant-looking skin, as it is supercharged with Phytinol, Bakuchiol and Retinoids etc etc, to improve the texture and tone of your skin and provide hydration. Basically, it has become a vital necessity as I make my way into Summer, and as I work towards a healthier, happier and sexier me!

Jane Iredale Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner*

I love jelly – usually of the digestible kind, but recently, I have also grown to love the shit out of jelly of the eye variety. Nope, I haven’t gone an ingested a whole bottle of clag glue – I mean, eye jelly!

Jane Iredale has one hell of a makeup line. I became addicted to their glow inducing BB cream last year, so it came as no surprise that I fell for their new gel eyeliners! They are so easy to use, add a pop of colour to almost any look and are just plain awesomeness. Seriously, addicted #NoHopeForLucyNow

ghd curve wands and tongs

Don’t get too excited ladies, but Ryan Gosling had a baby, and ghd did too – curling irons and wands baby! And boy, oh boy, is it pretty! Developed by ghd’s team of scientists at its Cambridge based Research and Development facility (yes, fancy schmancy), the ghd curve tackles the issue of curl-drop (oh, the worst). With six quick-thinking sensors in the barrel, it heats the tools to 185°C and maintain this heat, constantly and evenly, delivering long-lasting, healthier-looking curls – that last. Booyah, long -lasting curls from your favourite hair styling friends, ghd #Winning.

With four to choose from, the decision is all yours. Choose wisely, or buy them all (and share one with me, eh?!)!

 What products are you lusting over this month?

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*These products were supplied for editorial consideration.

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