I don’t know if you have noticed, but my photos on my blog are well shit (bar these ones). And it is no wonder – I took them with my bloody iPhone, and it has seen better days (note to self – limit the amount of times said phone ‘makes out’ with the floor). But, a few months back, I was fortunate enough to road test the seriously sexy Olympus OM-D E-M10, and lets just say – I got kinda hooked. Literally, the kind of hooked that is seeing me having some serious withdrawals. So much so, that I am tempted to pick one up next weekend instead of wait for Christmas (and hope it gets ticked off my present lists #DearSantaIveBeenGoodAllYear … #kinda). No, I ain’t an addict – I just have a healthy addiction to quality photos! (ok, maybe I am an addict).

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 is the third camera in the OM-D range, and is probably (I am biased) the sexiest. It is sleek, compact, fits perfectly in my amateur hands and has 16 megapixels (meaning it takes a pretty high quality photo). It has a built-in viewfinder that knows if you are looking through it or not (and turns off the screen if you eye #magic), customisable controls or for those who are still learning the ropes , auto mode. Oh, and did I mention it is sexy?

Let’s be honest – I am not the most camera knowledgeable! I am so technologically illiterate (literally – I don’t even know how to turn the internet on). So, in the spirit of sharing and caring (I like to spread the ‘care’ like a rash), I thought I would give you my top reasons why I am actually in love with this silver piece of technology!

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Makes anyone look good – without even wearing make up

Case in point – above. I hate looking at photos of myself (you wouldn’t be able to tell with all the selfies on this blog ha) but I love that the outcome of these photos don’t make me look hazy, pixelated or funny. I actually look semi presentable – Holy moly macarena! Thanks Olympus: I never knew I could look this decent on so little sleep and no hairwashing.

Easy to use

I won’t lie: it has a lot of features that might seem quite overwhelming, at first. But then you play around with it, and before you know it, you have become an expert. Both beginners and profeshers (that are professionals for those who wanted to know) alike would love this beauty.

Oh, and it has WiFi transmission, meaning you can totally snap and send straight to your phone for the easiest of instagraming!

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Remote trigger makes you look like you have friends to take photos for you

I often travel alone, and will be doing a lot of solo travel next year. Thus, takings of myself will prove to be a tad difficult. But, of course  – Olympus has that covered with the nifty E-M10 allows for complete wireless control over the shutter . Yep, at the press of a button on your iPhone, you can snap yourself happy (perfect for those solo travelers).

Takes a mean action shot

With 8 frames per second sequential shooting rate it can take a lot of photos at a time if you want it too. Such as the above – I was able to take multiple shots whilst Lauren was in the air, saving her legs from having to do it multiple times (actually, I did make her do it a couple of times, but only cause I am a mean sister and her dancing is rather inspiring).


Speaking of action shots…

It can capture basically every moment – the good, the bad AND the ugly (case in point – above) #LookAtAllTheChinsIGotGoing #Sexy #IUseTooManyHashtagsHa

Ohhh the endless opportunities for selfies, darling!

I will admit – I am a bit of a fan of the old selfie game. I have the awkward pose and selfie-smoulder perfected, I know my Valencia from my X-Pro II on insty, and I even manage to pull off those ridiculous ones where I look off into the distance and pout. But, with the Olympus OMD EM10, I could take my selfie game to the next level with its high quality images and ability to make me look fab on only 5 hours of sleep. That being said, the flip out screen doesn’t flip round to the photo taker, meaning I had to ‘wing’ it – and ended up taking a whole lot more photos then usual.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this little beauty. I would 100% buy it for myself (and travels) and would not hesitate to recommend it to you all.

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All these photos were taken on the Olympus OM-D EM10 that was kindly lent to me to test out. As with everything, my opinion is, and always will be my own.

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