Many moons ago, I used to get uber uncomfortable when people talked about their teeth. I was one of those people whom hated how they looked when they smiled. Hated what was going on in their mouthal region. And hated that the solution was so simple. Yet, I was too lazy to go get it.

If someone was to tell me that 5 months ago I would be semi-comfortable with my teeth, I would have laughed in their face. Fast-forward to today and that is literally what I am doing- laughing so hard because I am on the path to acceptance, and actually content with the way my smile is right now.

I am midway through my Invisalign journey, and some could say that I am ecstatic about my results so far. Not only am I back smiling again, but I have noticed so much of a change that people have begun to see it in my confidence. I am happy to wear a lipstick. I am happy to smile and laugh without having my hand over my mouth and I am more than happy to spend time with friends not having to worry about my teeth.


Enjoying my 20 minutes of AcceleDent a day!

Five reasons why I love Invisalign

1. They are not the easiest of things to spot. Most people whom I come across don’t even realise I am wearing my Invisalign until I tell them.

2. It is an easier way to straighten your teeth minus the bulky wire-frames. Cause ain’t nobody got time for wires in the mouth.

3. The ortho check ups are quick. When I was younger, I used to have sit for ages in the Orthodonist whilst my sister had her teeth checked and stuff done to them. I would cry from hunger and boredom. But with my check ups, they last less than 15 minutes – talk about sanity-saving.

4. I am aware of the journey my teeth are taking. In my first blog post about my journey, I was able to show you an idea of what my teeth are going to look like by the end. This ‘end-picture’ is what is getting me through, and reminds me that the small amount of annoyance at times is beyond worth it.

5. Straighter teeth can make you look up to 7 years younger! For reals people! In a recent study 4 out of 5 women agreed that straighter teeth could make you look up to 7 years younger. Especially when you think about it – straighter teeth means you end up smiling more, meaning you look more radiant and happy. Happy people just don’t look old – they look youthful! And we all want to look youthful and be full of smiles. I have even noticed how much more I am smiling and how much better I feel in terms of confidence. Happy, confident and younger looking – how could I not love Invisalign!?!

On an other note- my diet coke obsession is almost gone with this journey. For those who know me, you will know that I actually cannot function without it. It is a pretty massive step, but being that I can only consume water when I have my aligners in, and the fact that I am just so god-darn lazy when it comes to having to do extra things (i.e. taking my aligners out), I think it is a start of a ‘new Lucy’ – who would have thunk it!


Here is a picture of what my teeth looked like before treatment and now, midway through. As you can see, my bottom teeth are evening out and both top and bottom are pushing forward – which is so exciting. I have been taking a photo of my teeth every week since I started and it has been awesome to watch the changes week to week.


I am on the Holy Grail of teeth acceptance, and I am so excited. And, as if I didnt have even more reason to smile – I have just become an Aunt which means many a selfie with little nugget (Matilda).. and an Aunt’s gotta smile!

Be sure to stay tuned for my final installment, and to see the final result. I know it is going to be well exciting.

You can find your nearest experienced Invisalign provider by visiting their website here.

I was kindly gifted this Invisalign treatment for review but this did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product, results or experience. The AcceleDent was purchased from my own funds.
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