From humble beginnings, came a brand that changed the way we think about cosmetics and what we put on our skin. SCOUT Cosmetics launched in 2008 and pioneered their way towards organic skincare and cosmetics. They adopted a very serious approach to their choice of ingredients. They use only certified-organice and natural ingredients in their manufacturing process, and are a brand that I love, use and cannot recommend any higher (their organic mineral foundation is great when my skin is all kinds of sensitive, and their nail polishes are epic in general).

And today we welcome Sylvie Hutchings, the Founder and CEO of SCOUT Cosmetics to the 5 Minutes with segment.

Welcome, Sylvie!



 1. 3 beauty products you purchase again and again?  

My three staple beauty products are a Mineral crème compact Foundation, Lipstick and Mascara – three great basics that can give you an instant lift

2. Pull one thing out of your handbag – what is it?  

I always have sunglasses in my handbag

3. One thing that has made you smile today?  

Driving my boys to school listening to ‘their’ music lists and singing along to random songs that come up like ‘Jessie’s Girl’ by Rick Springfield… I really wonder how that one got in there!

4. (Finish this sentence) I am inspired by…. The funny, kind and resilient people I have met through Lymphoma Australia, a charity that is close to my heart.

5. Favourite websites/ blogs / can’t stop browsing pages…


6. Celebrity crush?

Angelina Jolie.  I love the way that she was particularly edgy in her youth. She is a great mum and role model, and also does wonderful humanitarian work

7.  Secret talent? 

I can read Rune stones, which are engravings in rocks that were generally placed beside graves to tell stories about the Viking age in Eastern Europe!!! – my super-secret talent!

8. Signature scent?  

I absolutely love Vera Wang

9.  3 random things about you? 

·         I love watching my boys play rugby in the rain and mud and secretly miss the rugby season when it is over.

·         My favourite ever concert was U2 in NY as I had an ‘access all areas’ pass.

·          My favourite book of all time is Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

10. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Vet.


Tell us a little about yourself and what made you decide to start Scout Cosmetics? 

I’ve had a preference for a simple, balanced approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle since I was quite young including with the cosmetic products I used. However, I also loved using high quality, luxurious cosmetics which gave a feeling of glamour and excitement.

My entrance into the world of beauty, colour and cosmetics was very much influenced by my mother’s very own holistic German traditions and use of established herbal remedies coupled with a glamorous aunt who would send me the latest fashion trends from Europe together with my very first make up kit. My Italian grandmother also used to make soaps and body scrubs using available farm ingredients including lavender, olive oil, jasmine and bergamot.

Later when I was a flight attendant, I realized firsthand the challenge of always present well despite the effect travel demands can have, in particular on the skin. Despite being exposed to beauty brands from around the world , my major challenge was maintaining an impeccable, well groomed appearance during lengthy travel periods and finding a reliable, long-lasting and effective cosmetics range.

I studied natural therapies and began to develop the ideas, philosophy and formulations that would form the future basis of the SCOUT Cosmetics brand.

In 2008 I made the decision to launch my own brand and the SCOUT Cosmetics brand was born.  I was really inspired to unlock the combination of natural therapies, cosmetic science and traditional medicine training, and a love of colour and fashion, the philosophy of SCOUT Cosmetics was born. The real challenge was to develop a range of products which offered well-respected, natural and healthy brand values that would also provide the versatility of use that women want today without having to compromise on performance or style.

My vision for the brand is fairly simple – to bridge the gap between natural and glamour – for SCOUT Cosmetics to offer a healthier choice.


Favourite 3 products from the range? 

1.     I depend on the Mineral Crème Compact foundation because it is so easy to use, give a beautiful luminous glow and is so nourishing for your skin.

2.     SCOUT 5 free nail polish in ‘Just Like Heaven’ is my go to colour.  It is soft, feminine, pretty and goes with everything.

3.     Without a doubt, the SCOUT Six oils of Rejuvenation, because I love the ritual I have created whilst using it. Massaging it into my face at night I quietly acknowledge that this is my wind down time.   It is jam packed with beautiful biodynamic oils and essential oils and my skin is instantly hydrated.  When used with the SCOUT Pomegranate and White tea Rejuvenating crème it transforms into a ‘night repair’ treatment.

What has been your ‘stand-out’ moment since launching the brand? 

It may not sound exciting but early on the stand out moment for me was definitely seeing SCOUT on the shelves in stores and women enjoying the products.
Launching a brand is a journey and takes time, energy and patience. It’s exciting when the momentum builds and your philosophy, approach and products gain acceptance.
We take a hands-on approach to supporting our stockists and I really enjoy interacting with the women who use our products, doing makeups and demonstrating the products.
Seeing how transformative a new look can be for a woman and the confidence she gains is a real buzz. The positive feedback I receive from women inspires me to create more and more colours and products.


Where do you hope Scout Cosmetics to be in the next year or two? 

SCOUT’s short to medium term retail goal is to continue to grow our position as a trusted brand in the salon, boutique and wellness / health retail segments Australia-wide. Our retail presence will continue to emphasise a ‘hands-on’ approach to working with stockists to assist engagement with end consumers.

We will, of course, have an online and social media presence but we see this tool for building our brand, communicating and training and supporting our stockists. We see many opportunities in the Australian market for SCOUT and our goal is to build a sustainable business that serves our retail stockists and consumers well.

Longer term we would be delighted to expand into overseas markets but only upon the solid foundations of a sustainable, thriving local business. In developing the SCOUT retail strategy for the short and long-terms, we have been mindful of seeking to be a leader rather than a follower. Continual improvements in the science and technology of beauty provides a great opportunity for salons and beauty practitioners. SCOUT products are considered to be complementary to the newer beauty treatments in addition to being an effective part of a daily beauty routine. For example, our skincare and mineral makeup have proven to have both excellent soothing and coverage properties for sensitive skin.

For more information on the range, check out there website and follow on Instagram

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