Dietlicious five day cleanse

What is dark, grumbly and eternally sore and swollen?

Answer – My stomach a few weeks back!

My insides have taken a beating this year. From after work drinks, to too much chocolate (and not enough exercise) and a ‘passion’ for bathing in Diet Coke – 2014 hasn’t been the kindest to my insides or waistline. I have gained 4 kg in my new job, have managed to score myself a butt-tonne of cellulite, am chronically tired and am in constant stomach cramp mode ala shark-week 24/7. I may have also proclaimed to the world that I was anti-exercise… Basically, my life was in need of an overhaul – and quick smart!

Enter Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse – my Knight in clean, delicious armour- and I was well on my way to a shiny new journey towards a healthier me. Dietlicious is not new to me; I have tried my hand at this affordable and yummy program before on the three day cleanse – and loved every minute of it. So, when the 5 day cleanse rocked up on my door, I was pretty stoked to try my hand (and willpower) at the extended version of the cleanse and much to my surprise, I made it through and was rather impressed with the outcome. And have summed up why I loved the cleanse below!

dietlicious five day cleanse

What I love most about the Dietlicious Five Day Cleanse?

1. It tastes so freaking good – you would never know it was a cleanse

2. The smoothies were epic… seriously, I would have them on tap if I could!

3. The variety is unreal – every day was a new meal. There was never a time that I got bored of what I was eating.

4. The ease in preparation – all food requires minimal preparation which includes defrosting, microwaving or a quick pan fry. Nothing took over 5 minutes.

5. The affordability – I have never seen a clean-eating home delivered food service as cost efficient as Dietlicious.

6. The convenience – literally, delivered to your door! #HelloConvenience

7. The feeling after the 5 days – it is like experiencing a natural high. You get a spring in your step, you are no longer bloated and your lethargy starts to wean – you really dont need coffee to get through the day (like you may have thought).

8. Knowing you have spring cleaned your diet and that it isn’t all that hard to maintain. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Dietlicious Five Day Cleanse. It was hard initially, but after the third day, I realised that I had a lot of will-power, drive and stamina and could have continued on eating like that for weeks. It taught me that healthy eating is achievable, yummy and doable. I think these are some of the best things you can take away from a period of time that is traditionally meant to be really difficult. If you can learn from everything you undertake, then I think that is all that matters.

It also opened up my palette to new flavours, ways of using food and has inspired me to start my quest to a healthier me! 



Just broken up with that loser/poop head that you thought you liked? Don’t worry sheila, there is always Hazlan Styles or R-Pattz to drool over. Failing that, there is also the Dietlicious Five Day Cleanse to help boost your mood, show him what he is missing out with (cause you will wanna eat like this forever) – cause even though Ben & Jerry might seem like they are the only two men women need, reality is… they aren’t! And even better – this week when you order the Dietlicious Five Day Cleanse you receive a complimentary 5 day snack pack when you enter the promo code- SCOUT (on 5 Day cleanses only).

Hurrah! (disclaimer – you can try the 5 day cleanse even if you haven’t broken up with someone)!

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* This cleanse was kindly sent to me trial. This did not affect my opinion.

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