Spring Scents

Spring Scents


I have a weakness for scents. I am almost entirely led by my nose when it comes to making decisions – I literally sniff everything! Paper, dogs, babies, sheets, clothes, products – you name it. I am a nasally person, and I don’t care who knows it!

So, with great nose abilities, comes great power – and thus, a great and extensive knowledge of the perfect perfume for almost every occasion. And this, my beautiful people, is the end of my epilogue, and we shall now move onto the point of this post – the best perfumes for spring, as decided upon by my nose!

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt*

$90 / 30ml

Hello Sailor, let me guide you across the rocky oceans and sail you to a nasal nirvana of epic proportions – it might just cause a Tsunami of curiosity and love! Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt is your trusty scent crew this Spring thanks to its Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt and Sage and is rich in scent and joy. It will definitely bring out the free-spirit in you This scent is a breathe of fresh sea air.

When to wear? Everyday in Spring and Summer.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

$85 / 50 ml

If you are after a tantalising scent for after dark, look no further than this decadent scent. With notes of mandarin, wild berries, honeysuckle, jasmine and gardenia – it is an actual symphony salad. It is rich, yet delicate; dark yet bright, and it develops over the hours, and peaks. It is no wonder if took at the prestigious Beauty Heaven Top Beauty Products of all time award – it is lush!

Excuse me whilst I just go and bliss out whilst smelling it!

When to wear? Night out or special occasion.

Spring Scents

Sisley Eau Tropicale*

$110 / 50ml

Ever dreamt of jetting off to an exotic location… maybe Rio or somewhere lush – a tropical rainforest, perhaps?! And then being abruptly hit back down to reality when you see your bank account. Well, instead of moping about and wishing you were shaking maracas, spritz on some of this #ToDieFor Sisley Eau Tropicale and dream get whisked away in the scent. Who needs a holiday when you can smell like one, everyday!

Captivating, lush yet bitter and warm – this exotic scent is a concoction of hibiscus, frangipani, tuberose and Turkish rose and violet. Basically, it is heaven in a perfectly styled bottle.

When to wear? Picnic, high-tea, first date, catch up with friends or every day in Spring.

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance*

$83 / 30ml

Hallejuah! The archangel of goodness has bestowed upon us the most fresh and fruity, yet romantic and classic scent for us mere folk to enjoy over the warmer months!

As you would have read, I am kinda in love with this delightful spring scent. With its fragrant top notes of raspberry, Italian bergamot and lychee, and being finished off with a bouquet of peony, freesia, iris and many other delights.

It is delicate. It is lush. It is so easily loved in this household.

When to wear? Night out or every day in Summer.

L’OCCITANE Arlésienne Eau de Toilette*

$72 / 75ml

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta buy me this scent” – I am pretty sure that is what the Spice Girls said back in the day, yeh?!

Anyway, the point still stands – if you want to earn brownie points, boys – you know what needs to be done! This florally, feminine scent takes me back to my travels across France thanks to its abundance of sweet, classic notes that encapsulate the Spring and Summer period so nicely. Mandarin orange, lily of the valley, violet, sandalwood and tonk a bean are just some of the exquisite notes you will come across in this perfume – there is literally a sweet smelling surprise at every corner.

When to wear? Weekends or out with girlfriends [available on shelf 5th November]

What is your go-to Spring scent?

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*Supplied for editorial consideration

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