Hotel toiletries are iconically crap. On the rare occasion, you will get toiletries that are pretty mid field – but you will most likely have for such services with the blood of your first born. Most of the time, hotel toiletries are the worst offenders of hydration trafficking – ripping your skin out of its comfort zone and throwing it for a 6 in the dehydration front. They are crap and no more than commercial-grade dish soap as ‘complimentary’.  Enter Appelles Apothecary and our brains explode with the kind of excitement one gets when they realise they have been upgraded to Business class ** Cue the happy dance **

Revolutionsiing the way guests’ cater to their skin needs, Appelles Apothecary is an an all organic Australia beauty brand that truly is standing out from the crowd.

Appelles Review

The two stand outs for me, have to be the Vitamin B3 Bath caviar and Konjac Sponge. Following a close second by the Vitamin B5 Body Lotion.

The Vitamin B3 Bath caviar is an indulgent way to unwind, with tiny beads of B3 that (when dropped in to the bath), immerse your skin wonderful aromas of musky amber and spicy patchouli. It leaves your skin smooth, supple and seriously touchable.

I love the Appelles Konjac Sponge because it is different to anything I have every used. First off, I am not one to become a fan of an inanimate object, but this variety of objects is seriously rad. Deeply cleansing and skin restoring, this moisture rich fibre of Konjac plant root is my favourite way to wash. It helps to absorb excess oil and dirt whilst eliminating acne-causing bacteria. It is ideal for those with a pimply back or butt.

Whilst it doesn’t come in my top 2, the Vitamin B5 Body lotion comes in a close second with its natural hydrating and PH balancing cream that helps boost cellular regeneration and improve the skins appearance.. It nourishes and leaves a subtle fragrance that everyone will love.

Appelles Review

Appelles at The Cambridge Hotel, Surry Hills

The day I started reviewing the range, I actually stumbled across it stocked in the The Cambridge Hotel (that I was staying at) #Spooky #AppellesIsTakingOverYay

For more information, visit their website

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