I am pretty much an all-round sensitive gal. When I was about 6 years old, I used to feel sorry for all the other letters in the multiple choice quiz so I had to ensure that all letters had equal colourings in – I was pretty much thought of as dumb when I was  a little chicken. Definitely sensitive.

Unfortunately for me though, my skin also has a tendency to verge on the ‘sensitive’ side throughout spring. Patchy, breakouts in super random areas and it can’t quite tell if it is meant to be dry or oily- very ‘torn’ my skin is! Sensitive skin is difficult to deal with but, before you all freak out, run to the corner and curl up into the foetal position at the thought of skin-sensitivities, let’s chat what sensitive skin is, and how you can help it this spring.


Sensitive skin is exactly as the name suggests… Skin that is sensitive. This can vary from those whom suffer skin reactions, dryness that flares up with seasons, who have just plain uncomfortable skin or with certain products or those who have a tendency skin flush.

Essentially, it aint fun!

But I have a few tricks that help me get through the year unscathed!

tips to help sensitive skin


1. Simplify skincare routine. Get rid of the old (possibly off/ expired products) and replace with an easy 3 step program that works for you. There is no need to make it difficult – just cleanse and whatever works for you minus the excessive amounts of products.

2. Sunscreen. Wear it always. Apart from sunburn sending skin into sensitive overdrive, SPF is a necessity for all Australians throughout Spring and Summer. Finding a sensitive skin sunscreen is even better.

3. Clean your room. Dust can cause hay fever and also irritate the skin.

4. Avoid overly air-conditioned rooms. Air conditioning zaps the hydration out of your skin meaning it is more susceptible to allergens, infections and will make it dry and itchy.

5. If you can’t avoid air-conditioned rooms, always keep a hydrating mist on hand to spritz and boost hydration levels. I have a natural one on my desk and work, and even though I look like an utter knob head for spraying it onto my face, it pays off.

6.  Look for products with minimal ingredients. If you can’t pronounce a word, it might be best to avoid it totally. Harsh ingredients and artificial fragrances can upset the skin and trigger sensitivity.

7. Sweat it out. Find time to get your heart-rate pumping to boost circulation and sweat out the toxins. Exercise is great for your mind, body, soul and skin.

8. Avoid products that could cause flare-ups such as products that claim to be antibacterial (except for your hands – you need to have sanitised hands), alcohol or retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids.

9. Eat food that is right for you. If you suffer from sensitive skin, avoid overly processed food and reduce dairy intake (if possible).

10. Always remove makeup at the end of the day with ‘kind to skin’ cleansers or wipes. Pollution and dirt accumulates on your face which in turn can reek havoc for sensitive Sallys. Thus, makeup removal is necessary. I love my Simple cleansing facial wipes. They are gentle on the skin, remove all my makeup and are super cheap (I picked mine up from the supermarket with spare change).

tips to help sensitive skin

If you knew me, you would know how protective I am of my skin and also how shit my skin can be. It is at its most hyper-sensitive during spring and because my skin lacks the ability to heal (or at least heal like a normal persons’ skin does), and any skin issues I have means it lasts longer and will most likely scab or scar #SucksToBeMe. This is why I am overly cautious about what I use on my skin during Spring, so I can vouch for the above tips as ‘what works’ for me… and hopefully you too!

So, what are your sensitive skin tips?

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