ghd review

ghd review

Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed. I say love, it is a ghd* (a Bird of Paradise ghd, that is)- and it never leaves my soul to bereave!

Yes dear people – I love my ghd like a fat kid loves chocolate – undeniably, deeply and couldn’t fathom life without it. I have travelled a fair bit, and there is one thing I am certain of – travelling with a ghd is a necessity…always! Some people would laugh at such a statement, but I literally couldn’t stay sane if I didn’t have it (you just can’t rely on dem hotels for having all the hair necessities you need to look fabulous). Plus, a ghd actually doubles as a curler and can help straighten clothes… yes, no need for a iron!

I am actually a gigantic lover of all things ghd! I lust over their air hair dryer (it saves my sanity when it comes to hair washing days), and quite possibly would donate my left kidney for a decades supply of the ghd heat protect spray (ok, maybe a tad extreme!). But, today I wanted to basically list 10 reasons why I love my ghd Bird of Paradise styler, and why you would too!

ghd review


1. It is purple – this is obviously an obvious reason. It is pretty! Yes, I am vane (actually, I consider myself more of a bird – attracted to sparkly shit)!

2. They are professional quality and will last you a really long time – end of story.

3. A ghd will deliver exceptional results, every time.

4. ghd in general has a MASSIVE range to choose from allowing you to tickle any fancy you might have.

5. Price affordability: $279 might be a steep amount to pay initially, but when you consider quality, cost-per-use and how long it will last you, you will literally be laughing.

6. Easy to use: I ain’t the brightest star in the sky, but a ghd is super simple to use and something that even I can get my head around.

7. ghd uses ceramic heat technology which enhances shine and allows for versatile styling (it is also much better for your hair than non-ceramic plates).

8. ghd was established in 2001, and has been committed to developing the most effective and innovative products ever since. You can sleep easy knowing your hair is in loving hands.

9. ghd has snag free styling thanks to its smooth, contoured, floating plates meaning none of that “eek-just-got-my-hair-stuck-and-had-to-lose-half-of-it-to-break-free”. ghd isn’t into the stealing of your hair business ** phew **

10. For those whom love a loose curl, the rounder body helps to create the most perfect wave or curl… basically, your hair is going to be singing hallelujahs!

ghd review

I have owned 3 ghd’s in the past 5 years. Now, don’t be alarmed by the sheer amount- I had to purchase one when I lived in Austria cause I accidentally left in Sydney (a girls got to look fabulous no matter where she lives), and then dropped one off a balcony (cause I am a massive amounts talented), and have had my current ghd for 3 years- and it is still going seriously strong. So, adding this beautiful Bird of Paradise styler to my collection was a no brainer, really! It it so loved, overly used and will forever have pride of place in my bathroom.

Do you use a ghd? Are you in love with as much as me?

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*generously gifted. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.

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