Victoria’s Secret Curls

It is a truth universally known, that men love Victoria’s Secret models…hair! Sure, it might pain us to admit it, but let’s be honest, it is kinda true! Sure, we all might cry into our coffee cups yearning for their legs, have jealousy inducing rages when we see them 3 weeks after giving birth, and might honestly want to claw our eyes out when we hear their tips for being healthy is “just 2L of water”. Now, I will admit, I am MOST definitely nowhere near a Victoria’s Secret model – I am completely, and utterly flawed (and I am ok with that), but what I can help you with, is how to achieve sexy Victoria’s Secret curls in a few simple steps and with a few simple, and cost effective products from one of my favourite supermarket brands, Dove Australia


  • Freshly washed hair (preferably shampooed with minimal conditioning to allow curl to hold for longer)
  • Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defense Heat Activated Mist to protect from the heat damage
  • ghd styler (or similar)
  • Heavy hold hairspray
  • Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourish Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum to seal the curl, nourish the ends and boost shine (cause we all know the secret to the VS gals shiny locks ain’t no 2L of water… it is a hair product)!

Victoria’s Secret Curls


1. Shampoo your locks, wash out and then wipe a 20 cent piece of conditioner through the ends. The less conditioner, the better as it will help to hold to look for a lot longer.
2. To prepare your locks for the onslaught of heat, spritz Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defense Heat Activated Mist all over your hair and comb through. This little beauty is definitely a must-have if you are friends with a heated hair styler as it is light-weight (won’t weigh your locks down) and protects the internal structure of your hair from heat styling. 
3. Section your hair (this makes it easier to curl and know what section you have curled)
4. Place 2-5cm of hair in your ghd starting at 3-4 inches from the crown/ your head (starting too high will make you look too poofy, and not very natural).
5. Fold the hair backwards and hold that position for 10 seconds.
6. Now move the tong down the hair a few centimetres and fold again (but in the opposite direction to what you folded before).
7. Continue this process (of folding in opposite directions) down the hair until you reach the bottom of the strand (or you can finish a few centimetres from the base for a more natural look)
8. Repeat process 5-8 until you have created a whole head of beachy, Victoria’s Secret curls /waves.
9. Chuck in a decent amount of hairspray to lock style and to add volume
10. Rub Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourish Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum in your hands. Flip your head forward and rub serum through the mid lengths to ends, separating the curl to loosen it and soften the curl. It might sound odd using an oil in after you worked so hard to get the texture right to curl it but trust me, it is worth it, and will boost the shine, tame frizz and ensure you are not left with knots after a big night.
See ladies, secrets definitely don’t fill Victoria’s Secret models’ hair (as Lindsay Lohan once made us believe) – it is carefully curated curls that do ** quell horror! **. Now, excuse me for a minute as I run my fingers through my mighty soft Victoria’s Secret curls and cry a little into my Diet Coke (as I dream of having their body… Ooo, chocolate)!
This post was written in collaboration with Dove Australia
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