sukin review
sukin review

It isn’t easy being Oil. They often get a bad wrap for causing breakouts, blocking pores and making life a little tricky, but oh contray! Oils are in fact life-injectors to fragile, poor circluated and glow-lacking skin and add a burst of hydration to even the most Sahara-ed dermises. I am sure you have heard, and most likely jumped on the Rose Hip Oil train, but I wanted to invite you to meet the newest kids on the block – the all rounders. The Rose Hip oils blended with some other super ingredients that are putting the poor Rose Hip Oil to shame.

Meet Sukin and their two new pieces added to their ever expanding, and lush collection. And now my thoughts on the newbies below!

Sukin BioNatural Skin Oil


Rich in Tamanu, Carrot See and Rose Hip Oils, this unique blend of essential fatty acids and antioxidants offer optimal hydration and help to improve the skin’s appearance. Rich in Vitamin C and F to help brighten the complexion, whilst avocado, vitamin E and calendula help to improve, nourish and soften the skin. Designed for scars, ageing skin and stretch marks,  I am definitely a fan of this oil for the hydrating and nourishing factor. As for helping the appearance of my stretch mark laden hips – I am yet to see a difference. I would most likely need to use it religiously (4 times a day) to notice a different in my texture, but with dryness – it definitely served its purpose.

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil


Being a big advocate for natural skincare where life allows me, I know a good natural product when I see it: and the Sukin Facial Treatment Oil (and brand for that matter), is no exception. Having been a big fan of anti-ageing properties, and all-round multi-tasking abilities of oils, I was quietly surprised at just how great the Facial Treatment Oil was. Why? To keep it simple, it was: soothing, hydrating, a miracle-worker at hydrating my overly-air-conditioned-skin, and is packed full of naturally occurring ingredients that work together to provide you with a moisturising experience unlike any other.

Rich in antioxidants: Argan Oil, Vitamin E and C, Maracuja Oil, Rose hip Oil and Calendula Extract: it reads more like a juice then a luxurious facial Oil. But don’t let that fool you, cause this ‘powerhouse’ of ingredients work its magic on your skin. From, soothing wrinkles, brightening the complexion and boosting moisture levels to a whole new echelon, your skin will feel bright, energised and have a cellular turn over like never before.

Are you a fan of natural skin oils?

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I tried this product as part of the Beauty Directory Expert Panel. My opinions, as always, are my own.

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