In case you aren’t already adversely aware – I freaking love Jurlique! I have written about them on countless occasions (here, here and here, to show a few) and now, I am writing about them again. Cause I can. And cause you need to hear more about them.

So, to kick this post off: let me tell you, there are three new products that I need to bring to your attention – and that you will fall in love with like I have.

Herbal Recover Advanced Eye Serum


Ain’t nobody got time for under eye wrinkles, and this little beauty has you sorted. With the magical powers (or ingredients – I am still not sure… let’s just go with powers for Harry Potter’s sake) this soft serum refreshes your delicate eye area and boosts radiance, leading to more youthful and dewy complexion… erryday! #CauseYouAreWorthIt! What my favourite thing about this product is that is lasts for ages and a little goes a long way.

Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum

$70/ 30ml

You might realise that I am a little obsessed with serums. I have serums coming out every orifice (ok, maybe a little too far, sorry), for every need and every season. But, what you might not understand is that the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum actually can tackle most of my concerns, and is basically on par with godliness (as it enriches, calms and protects from environmental damage). But I like clutter and excess so I will keep using all my serums and savour the divine-ness that is this serum, because I can’t bare to be without it… it is that good (and delicious).

Purely Age-Deying Firming and Tightening Serum


For those who needs a little skin tightening, may I suggest this little nugget of natural gold? With Active-Firm Complex and a potent blend of anti-ageing botanicals (including Beech Tree Bud, Oat Kernel and Tapioca Starch to help skin appear more firm and smooth), this little Aussie gem will give you the “just-did-some-pilates-this-morning” glow, and cut the sag factor by a little… or a lot (depending on how much you use it). Trust me, you NEED this (cause, as much as you would like to think you have your skin “sorted”,  you don’t have the whole anti-ageing thing under control **shakes her fist at the ageing process**).

Have you tried any of the newbies to the Jurlique range? Impressed?

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These products were provided for editorial consideration. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.

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