father’s day gift guide

father’s day gift guide

Father’s Day is literally almost here  and there are so many decisions to make: socks or beer is usually the decision that pops up in most people’s minds. But, I have put a ban on shit presents this year, so every gift I give has to have some thought and meaning behind it. And, to make matters easier for you, here is a few ideas I came up with to jazz up a day that is a necessity to be celebrated (because I am a real Daddy’s girl)

Tequilla Blu from ASM Liquor

Tequilla – yes, I said tequila! Or, as it was so often pronounced in my little town of Graz, Austria – Ketilla (don’t ask why, they also say Wodka)This little gem not only gives liquid courage but diverges from your usual: “Hey Dad, I brought you some beer” ** palms face for originality **. Heck, why not give your Dad something he is guaranteed to love, will help him get through his dish-washing duties or might just spur on his love for cocktail making (for you, of course). Just don’t blame me if he runs off to Mexico to become a barman!

L’Occitane Cade Eau De Toilette

I have always loved a decent smelling man. I think it is because I have grown up with my Father never putting a scent wrong in terms of aftershave or perfume. He knows how to smell classic, and empowering, and I think that is definitely something I look for in a man. So, this Father’s Day, I thought it be best I throw him a new scent in the form of L’Occitane Cade Eau De Toilette. Not only is it an earthy scent, it is spicy and woody and a nasally-nirvanic mix of dry and hot from Southern France (a place I have only dreamt of visiting). With base notes of cade and citrus, this scent lingers and is rich but sublet – perfect for someone as special as your Dad.

Gingerlilly Pyjamas

Pyjamas are never fail because they are a necessity! So, instead of investing in your usual, run of the mill ‘mass chain’ pjs for Dad, have a geezer online at the Gingerlilly pi’s that are fit for any King. With elasticised waist, brilliant and fun (but not “too fun”) gingham print and all packaged in a sweet-as box, your Dad is sure to be a tad proud of your choices of presents on Sunday.

Neutrogena Men’s Cooling Cleansing Gel and Shave Cream

Men usually dont like to fuss over their skin, so they like to tell you. But the truth is, it is just cause they are most likely too lazy to. So, why not throw them 2 simple products that are guaranteed to get used: a cleanser and a shaving cream.

The cleanser helps to cool and remove dead skin and dirt, yet they will just think it is a refreshing wash (but in fact, it is actually helping them). And the  shaving cream helps to get a closer shave and boost skin clarity. Any Dad would be happy to receive such easy, cost-effective products.

Remington VacGroom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer 

Seriously, hairs in the sink is basically my worst nightmare – so I assume it would be my Mum’s too. So, to settle the nerves every time she steps towards the sink, invest in her sanity with a little bit of genius from the folks at Remington!

For less than a hundred dollar note, the VacGroom is a revolutionary beard trimmer that will grant men an end to the post-trim clean up (and problem save a lot of relationships if we are being honest). With two innovative vacuum attachment heads that suck up stubble as they groom – see, genius!

Adidas Originals Seeley Shoes

For the Dad who likes to be stylish, yet comfortable, what could be cooler than some serious rad trainers? Say no to those dorky sneakers he usually wears, and throw him a line with these beauties. #FavouriteChildMuch?

What are you getting your Dad?

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