Here is a big tip for those who love good food and also love eating healthy: MAKE SOUP! Preferably the kind that are a party of vegetables, but if you are a keen liquid eater (like I am) then ones with meat and spices are just as good. Each year, as the trees begin to shed their leaves and the nights become more cuddle-worthy, I become a soup-fiend! Like literally, there is never a day in the cooler months that I don’t have soup coming out my ears. There is nothing that can come in between me and my favourite liquid. Hearty, warm and tummy hugging, it is the perfect  ‘warm-me-up’ and is one of those rare foods that keeps for a while (this is my ALL time favourite recipe if you want to give it a try). But soups are sometimes placed on the ‘too-hard’ list for some people, and left to grow cobwebs in the back of your ‘to try’ recipes book. But seriously people, all you need is a good stack of veggies and a brilliant blender, and you are halfway there.
win soup blender

Cookie + Kate makes a mean curried Cauliflower Soup

The other day I had a bit of an epiphany and realised that I actually rely on my blender more than I rely on my boyfriend. This might be because I am single (and don’t actually have a boyfriend), but I like to pretend I live a pretty rad and love-filled life… reality, doesn’t tend to mirror this! But in all honestly, I am lost without my blender – it is a daily necessity for when I make my breakfast smoothies (some great recipes here) and has become ever so handy with my seasonal passion for soup. I have also been able to make my Acai bowls in it too – basically, I live off a liquid diet ha!
win soup blender

Hands up who wants an Acai bowl?

Now, I am not too sure you share such a love of blenders, like I do, but you really do need to. Blenders are actually one of the better inventions in life, and are super affordable. Because I wan’t you to be able my passion for blenders, I thought I would give you  YOU have the opportunity to win yourself a Soup Blender (that can also be used to blend beverages such as Acai bowls and Smoothies) all thanks to  fantastic team at Crazy Sales.  The Maxkon Soup Blender is perfect for making almost anything liquified, is easy to clean and can make fresh hot food, sauces, soups, smoothies in next to no time. It also has a butt-load of functions which includes: blending, crushing ice, cooking food (yes, you heard me correctly – COOKS ** brain explosion **), reheating: and  is probably the one invention that will see your Margaritas properly smoothed out and soup perfectly blended in minutes. It is a kitchen appliance that is bound to become the pride and joy of your kitchen.
giveaway blender
Valued at $105, Skeeter and Scout has ONE to give away to one lucky viewer. To enter, follow the link below:

WIN a Blender / Soup Blender RRP $105

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Open to Australian residents only. One Entry per day allowed. Competition closes 22nd July 2014 11.59pm AEST. One entry per day. This is a game of skill. The winner will be decided by Skeeter & Scout and winner will be contacted via email. Prize is not transferable. For more t&c’s, please see above link
Images- own and Cookies + Kate
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