beauty life michelle
beauty life michelle
Michelle Crossan has this kind of ethereal beauty that we all get a little jealous over. She has porcelain and perfect skin, a divine Irish accent, an epic writing style (on her blog, Beauty Life Michelle) and vlogging ability (that leaves me transfixed on the screen), and is just an all-round rad Lass. And, I have never met her in the flesh! She is a blogging buddy and I know I would instantly get along with her in person (as we do in email and on Insty). I have always said, and I will say it again: she is one to keep your eye out for. She will be BIG (although, she is pretty massive now), so don’t say I didn’t warn you!
I had the absolute pleasure of throwing her over some questions so we could all learn much more about this little Irish gal. And this is what she said.
beauty life michelle

1.     3 beauty products you purchase again and again? 

Anastasia Brow Whiz / MAC Lipsticks / Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

2.     Pull one thing out of your handbag – what is it?

A notebook- I’m a serial list maker

3.    One thing that has made you smile today?

A text from an old friend

4.   (Finish this sentence) I am inspired by….

Women who want to help other women.

5.     Favourite websites/ blogs / cant stop browsing pages…

Skeeter and Scout 😉 / StumbleUpon.com / Viviannadoesmakeup.com / 8tracks.com / Claire Marshall on Youtube

7.     Celebrity crush?

Ryan Gosling/ Zac Efron

8.     Secret talent?

I play the guitar

9.     Signature scent?

Diptyque Vetyverio

10. 3 random things about you?

I don’t like talking on the phone/ I’m desperate for a puppy/ I love tattoos

beauty life michelle

Such a fan of your beautiful site – what made you start B.L.M?

Thank you! I was looking for a creative outlet and blogging looked liked fun. I never imagined it would come this far.

Where do you hope to see your blog/vlog going in the next 6 months?

I would love to expand both my blog and youtube channel in the next 6 months. I want to create even more posts and videos than normal, and collaborate with other content creators. To be honest the blogging world is so unpredictable and you can only plan so much, as the industry is constantly changing and evolving. I’m trying to go with the flow as best I can.

I know you have actually lived in multiple countries – tell me about your favourite place you have lived, and why? And if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I have a huge soft spot for London, I think mainly because I really changed as a person in my 2 years living there. My favourite part is the Notting Hill, Portobello area. I have such fond memories of exploring the markets there in summer with one of my best friends, and when I think of London I always visualise that area. London is such a diverse, multicultural place that once you’ve lived there you can’t possible leave as the person you were when you went in.

I’m content with where I live now in Bondi- you cant beat beachside living- but I’m sure I will move on again as I always do. I have always been fascinated with Hawaii and New York (big contrast) and would love to experience living in both places. I am constantly consumed by wanderlust.

beauty life michelle

You have been to many countries, but if you could jump on a plane tomorrow, where would you go and why?!

If I could jump on a plane tomorrow I think I would just go home. It’s been almost two years since I seen my Mum, Dad and little sister and although a holiday somewhere new would be nice, I think Ireland would be at the top of the list.

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