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I admire people who can code. And who love tech, but are classy-  it makes your brain hurt in jealousy. Madeleine, from The Daily Mark blog is that… and SOOO much more.  If I had to give birth to a child, I would want her to have the brains, style and humour of Madeleine. Yep, I have a major girl crush on Miss Madeleine – purely for her loveliness and talent.

Mads and I met via Instagram and have been friends ever since. I also frequent her blog: daily! It is pure heaven for the OCD in me. It is clean, crisp and the content is just rad – not to mention, the photos are so professional looking and the layout is ridiculously user-friendly (other bloggers, take not). And it has a shop functionality (which I need to talk to her about – I love this like nobody’s business). I honestly think you all need to check it out! Oh! I almost forgot – she also has a rad little Pug (like me)… So basically, we are soul sisters!

I recently shot Miss Mads a few questions to answer so we could all learn a little more about her – and here were her responses! #LoveThem

The Daily Mark Blog

Skeeter & Scout’s favourite questions

1.     3 beauty products you purchase again and again?

NARS Sheer Glow – ever since I bought this back in 08 I’ve been addicted. Others have come and gone (or been discontinued, I’m looking at you Chanel Pro Lumiere) but this one I buy again and again. I love it’s dewiness and amazing coverage. 

Next because I’m a lazy washer, the Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo. Why? Because it works, it doesn’t stink or irritate my scalp and means I can limit my hair washing (and blowdrying saga!) to two times a week.

Lucky last would have to be NARS Carthage. It’s the perfect hot pink, matte, compact lipstick. Love it!

2.     Pull one thing out of your handbag – what is it?

Hourglass Cosmetics Concealer. Every girl needs some coverup in their handbag. This one is super creamy and perfect for under eyes or on spots. Turns me from gremlin to Giselle in two seconds. Perfect for when you spot your ex two stores up and you can’t hide out in the news agency forever (unfortunately).

3.   One thing that has made you smile today?

My pug-let Wilma! We went out for breakfast and as she was walking along beside me. I thought back to when she was a few months old and couldn’t walk straight to save herself. She’s grown up so much (tear!)

4.   (Finish this sentence) I am inspired by….

Passionate women! I love the go-gettum gals that are doing what they love and sharing it with the world. I am also inspired by a good pizza.

5.     Favourite websites/ blogs / cant stop browsing pages…

Skeeter & Scout of course! I also love Mashable, Pretty Fluffy, Refinery 29, Buy Now, Blog Later, Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily and too many more to name, thank god for Feedly and Bloglovin’!

(Lucy – naw, shucks Miss Mads – you are just the cutest)!

The Daily Mark Blog

7.     Celebrity crush?

Jason Statham. Oh dear, dear, my.

8.     Secret talent?

I can poach a mean egg. It’s a talent right?

9.     Signature scent?

Byredo Bal D’Afrique. My wallet wishes it wasn’t but what’s a girl to do?

10. 3 random things about you?

I’m the only one in my family for four generations with green eyes, my brother says I’m adopted.

I’ve got a mean right hook. I once broke a roof beam from going to hard on a boxing bag.

I was a science nerd at school. Maybe I’ll bring back my love for the lab and make my own lipsticks one day!

The Daily Mark Blog

Tell us more about you – what you get up to during the day? Wilma? Life!.. Spill the beans, Jan 😉

Ha yes Wilma is a very big part of the day, I’m her chief treat-bearer so I need to be on call 24/7 to cater for her chicken needs. 

In my spare time I run a web design and development company with my partner called Hyphen, so that also comes into play. Usually it’s TdM in the mornings, Hyphen during the day, TdM in the afternoon and an event or TV & The Couch during the evening. Thrilling hey? Weekend’s are reserved for me time, shopping and a nice dinner out somewhere.

What made you start The Daily Mark, and what do you hope to get out of it (apart from being my daily source of awesomeness)?

I actually bought the domain a few years ago and had a 1 week stab at blogging. I was still really stuck in the headspace of ‘What will people think of me? They’ll laugh at me!” then in March this year I realised they probably already were and thought f—k it! (Sorry am I allowed to swear here?!) Lucy – AbsoFuckenLutely!

But TdM was brought around for purely selfish reasons. Working in design it’s often all about design. I just wanted somewhere to talk about that awesome new lipstick I bought without my twitter following turning on me like an episode of The Walking Dead. So I grabbed a bottle of Semillon out of the fridge hopped into Photoshop and designed up TdM 2.0. I think it was actually built over one evening (with a few more tweaks here and there).

Since then it’s just grown thanks to amazing friends telling friends, new friends telling their friends and so on. 

In terms of my plans for the future, I already get so much out of it. I love meeting new people, learning about new products and attending some amazing events. I only hope this continues and I get to do it even more. I may have to give my partner my notice? That would go down well! 😉

The Daily Mark Blog

Your site is bloody rad and so clean looking – give us 3 tips to be as fab as you (alternatively, you can let us know your 3 tips for a fab site or 3 fave apps for blogging)?

Haha Thank you, that means so much! I guess I always wanted it to be about the content so kept the rest of the design quite clean and simple. I’m always finding new things to improve but it’s getting there!
My tips for a fab site?
1. Accessibility.
Think about when you’re viewing other sites or blogs. What do you love and what do you hate? What makes it easy for you to browse around? Write them down and try to integrate that into your own! Things like search bars, other recommended posts, easy to find navigation. Simple things, but effective!
2. Shareability.
The easiest way to find out about something new nowadays is via Social Media. Make sure you make it really easy for people to share your amazing site with things like share links at the top or bottom of your page, pin it buttons over images and also links to your pages so everyone can follow you.
3. Flexibility.
TdM gets 50% of it’s hits from gals on the go. If you’re building a new site or blog or thinking of a rebuild, definitely consider mobile! Make things easy to find, easy to click and easy to engage in on as many screen sizes as you can.

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