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We are so entrenched in our online world that sometimes we forget about the real world. We travel the globe and urge our friends to ‘like’ our travel snaps, for instant gratification, but leave the photos there to die. Sometimes, the happiest and silliest of memories need to be captured in print for you to share and reminisce, and preserve those treasured experiences.

You will have noticed that Skeeeter & Scout has recently been in Wanderlust month – A month of adventure, wishing, dreaming and lusting over lands I am yet to discover.. and it will continue on (just not as frequent). I started this month off with a big bang, with a 5 minutes with Brooke Sayward interview from my all time favourite blog- World of Wanderlust. I told you about my plans to travel next year- first stop London, then maybe Valencia, Spain? And now, I finish off this month with an ode to memories – the storing of your beloved travels in the form of Photo Books.

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Traditionally, we stored our holiday snaps in a photo album – these quickly decayed/ discoloured, gathered dust and were forgotten in the home. Then we jumped on the social media bandwagon using Facebook to ‘show off’ our travels – but they held no meaning other than to brag. 
Photo Box Photo Books are not like ordinary books; they are distinctive, contain only photos, are customised by yourself, maintenance-free and there is no stress of loosing an image or the plastic cover ripping off. They are high-end glossy books that are built to last, and are the perfect coffee table accompaniment. 
Travel blogger
Photo Books can be created online using your happy snaps, are dynamic in nature and come in many sizes. They are a brilliant gift option, but also for holding your travel snaps in one place where you can put it on display. They preserve the memories, hold great wonder and are uber sophisticated; you will want to take it everywhere. 
Travel blogger

The say; take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints and buy a Photo Book... Or something like that! We should probably just follow the quotes, I suppose!

How to do you ensure your holiday memories are preserved?
** In collaboration with Photo Box Photo Books. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product.
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