I am kicking off June, and officially dubbing it: ‘Wanderlust Month’ at Skeeter & Scout! This month is all about travelling the world and all things magical, so what better way to kick it off than with the ever-divine Brooke Sayward, A travel blogger of World of Wanderlust glory?! (prepare your jaws, your are in for one epic drool worthy-travel-fest, that may just leave you with some serious wanderlusting envy, and desire to become a better photographer ha)!

Brooke Sayward is the epitome of everyone’s dream best friend – gorgeous, kind hearted, free-spirited, earthly, well-travelled, has a divine accent (and, just like myself, gets asked where she is from as nobody believes she is Aussie) and is just rad… and this is all that I have taken from being a follower of her blog and Insty account. She is also a mega babe when it comes to style (those hats and coats #Need), would win in a game of trivial pursuit on travelling and takes some of the most unreal instagram shots you had ever since (literally, jealousy inducing)… serious girl-crushing right here! This divine celestial being has worked her butt off to be where she is today, and massive cudos to her (she is ever so deserving) and was generous enough to donate her time to email me with responses to my interview questions.

Now, enough of the chit-chat, let’s get down to business with the gal of the moment herself: Brooke Sayward: in the first edition of ‘5 minutes with’! Get your inspiration pants on, ladies, cause you are sure in for some eyeball nirvana and travel blogger envy!

3 beauty products as a Travel Blogger you purchase again and again?

Revlon colourstay foundation, chanel lipstick in coco rouge, chanel mascara
Pull one thing out of your handbag – what is it?

A hand mirror from the Mandarin Oriental Prague

 One thing that has made you smile today? 

Finding my favourite caramel sweets at a news agency in Scotland (I have been checking every store for the past 7 days)

(Finish this sentence) I am inspired by…. 

My readers/fans – I constantly check the #worldofwanderlust hashtag on social media!
Favourite websites/ blogs / cant stop browsing pages…

I’ve started using bloglovin’ a lot more lately to keep up to date with my blogger friends! I’m currently crushing on the Lauren Conrad blog and my good friend Emma Bates of mylondonlifestyle.co – her food posts are mouth watering!
 Celebrity crush? 

I would have said Harry Styles but I just found out this past week that one of my friends went on a date with him so I feel asthough the celeb factor has been ruined…. So I’m gonna go with Rob Pattinson, what a dream boat!
 Secret talent? 

Singing/Piano? Maybe not so secret but I haven’t really put it in the public eye much (yet)!?
Signature scent? 

Hypnotic poison by Christian Dior – you won’t find me wearing anything else!

How do you keep your skin in check with so much travel (sunscreen, changing temperatures, planes… tell us your fountain of youth, Brooke, preaaasssee)! 

Haha! I have a pretty good skin routine – I won’t go to bed with makeup on and I wear very minimal make up these days. I usually always wear mascara and a bit of blusher but keep everything else at a minimum. If I’m going out to an event or date I will wear foundation though! Every night before bed I cleanse my skin with a beaded exfoliator and have a face moisturiser from the dead sea which makes my skin feel so silky smooth! I don’t wear makeup on planes and I always drink lots of water on board my flight to stay hydrated!

I once awoke (in Croatia) to a man watching me sleep, and felt a little freaked out. Do you have any uncomfortable travel experiences?

That’s horrible! I can recall one in particular which happened in Romania but there’s absolutely no way I can word it to be suitable for the internet haha!

Your photos are just so beautiful and really strike a chord with my camera-illiterate self. I have seen some of your fantastic tips, but for those who haven’t checked it out yet: what is your number one tip for taking beautiful photos that people just want to share/ regram/ repost…drool over?
COLOUR! I search for colour in everything – it not only makes for beautiful photos but also makes me happy 🙂
What was your first ever blog post for WoW?
I truly have no idea! But all the blog posts can be seen on my website and traced back.
Coolest brand/ hotel/ company you have worked with?
I love staying at Mandarin Oriental hotels for their amazing service oh and the spa! I also love Four Seasons for their ellaborate breakfast buffets/room views.

Pet peeve when travelling?

People who complain……. not even just when travelling, in general! Life is such a blessing, it’s too short to be spent searching for the negatives.

I remember walking for hours, upon hours when I was in Europe, and would end the day in so much pain – swollen, blistered feet. Do you have any tips for travellers in how to avoid foot pain the whole trip?

I wear reef shoes every day now and they are the most flippin’ comfortable travel shoes you will ever find. They have padding in the sole that makes it feel as though you are walking on clouds – and they’re also inexpensive!


Salzburg is my absolute favourite place I have visited when I lived overseas… and it surprised me that I loved it so much. Is there any place that you have visited and you thought “wow, I didn’t expect to love it so much?”

I love Salzburg too! I visited in winter – such a beautiful time of year to visit the city. Ahhhh I think Ireland surprised me in that way – it was really lush and beautiful. (NB- I hear ya Brooke – Ireland is so lush and divine.. oohhh, how I yearn to go back)


You recently were admitted to hospital after falling ill in South Africa (I hope you are feeling better) -what is your top tips for staying healthy whilst travelling?

Thank you! I am much better now following some strong medication! I think the most important thing is to keep yourself in routine and sleeping regularly/something I struggle with A LOT!


And finally – I am heading across the pond to Londontown next year, to move (and travel a little) indefinitely. Any tips to save for those of us who area a bit craptastic and ye olde saving?

Saving tips…. always such a hard question for me to answer because I have never had problems saving! I am so restrictive of my cost of living so that I can travel so much – i.e. I don’t go out and drink on the weekends, wait for birthdays and Christmas’ to get expensive items I really want, don’t spend heaps of money on tangible things, and work as often as possible (and do as many jobs as possible) in order to save as much money as I can!

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