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When I think of Australian Beauty Icons, I honestly cannot go past Zoe Foster-Blake. This chickadee is the owner of seriously fab locks, skin that is chronically jealousy-inducing and is basically the girl I would wet my pants to meet (serious fan-girl crush). So, when I heard that she was launching her own range of skincare and that I was able to interview her (sadly this chicken was too nervous to speak to her in person – and quite possibly has a job that doesn’t allow for much outside interaction during working hours), I crapped myself, and then regained my class and threw a few questions her way – and this is how this interview came about!

ZFB (my little acronym for said beauty-awesomeness) is the kind of girl I wish I was. The girl whom I would love to get inside her brain. The girl that I wish was my sister (no offence Lozi and Kym). The girl whom I would kill to have even 5% of her talent (like a topical Vitamin C cream – effective, yet just the right amount!). Seriously people, this gal is jealousy inducing kind of awesome (not that we have ever met ha!).

Oh! And if her talent for skincare and churning out quality content wasn’t already the writing equivalent of the Grammys-worthy; she is also baking a little Foster-Blake (and well, you know I love me a good pregnancy. (** In case those who were wondering – I work full time in Infant Nutrition.. One born every minute is my favourite show – yes, I am that lame)!

Anyhow, enough of the fan-girling, and more of the “hard-hitting” beauty journalism! Excuse me whilst I just start fan-girling my pants off in the corner whilst you take a geezer.
What inspired you to create GO-TO?

I thought there wasn’t enough skin care on the market. I jest, I jest! There is plenty enough, and a lot of it is great… but that’s part of the problem, I think women, in fact I know women get confused and frustrated by all of the options; they just want to know what works, what to use and how to use it. No bullshit, just straight up, simple stuff that will make their skin look and feel good. So, because I’m in the privileged position of being a beauty editor, and having amassing a tonne of knowledge about which products and more specifically, which ingredients work, with having so much incredibly honest, candid feedback from women, I thought, maaaaybe I could combine these two, and make a very simple, failsafe, fun, foolproof range of skin care that’s easy and enjoyable to use.
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You have decided to leave out all the nasty ingredients in the products and remain au-natural, but tell us – what is your favourite ingredient you have used, and why?! What kind of superpowers do they harness to give us Zoe Foster-esque skin?
Oh, it’s very much about the ingredients at Go-To. With each product I started with the ingredients I know work and actually have the power to change the skin, and then worked outwards from there. I’m chuffed to have Amla Berry in my Very Useful Face Cream, because it’s such a super mega giga antioxidant, and I love having lactic acid in my Exfoliating Swipeys, because while it’s definitely an effective AHA, it’s also nice and gentle.
The brand colour selection is rad – what made you select the peachy tone? (just quietly – nailed it.. massive fan!)
I’ve always loved coral, (especially on my lips and cheeks) and I think it’s tremendously underrated. It’s elegant, in that 1950s Miami decor way, and flattering on almost any skin tone. It’s not too in your face, like red or orange, and it’s not overly girly, like pink. It’s ladylike, but still has some chutzpah, you know?
In one sentence, why should we go out and buy GO-TO? 
Because it will give you good skin, in a really fun, uncomplicated way.
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Speaking of ‘go-to’, what is your go-to indulgence that is non-beauty related?
Croissants, currently. Oven warmed, with good quality butter and a bucket of jam.
Does Hamish secretly steal any of your beauty products? Spill the beans – which ones?!
He loves Go-To Properly Clean. I was wondering why my one precious sample was so low and discovered he had been using it as body wash, too. Flattering, but very silly.

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10 years of being a Beauty Editor, you would have come across a million trends and products that you cannot believe people were following. Tell me, what beauty disaster/trend do you wish you had never lived through?
Oh, the rainbow eye. Back in about 2005, I was giddy with my newfound eyeshadow blending skills, and for an unreasonable chunk of time wore a blend of aqua and purple and gold on my lids, every day, all at once. AND NOT ONE PERSON STOPPED ME. Everyone was doing it. We were all fooled. We had no idea we looked like sad 70s rejects. There is photoproof of my gross error in judgement. I wish there were not.

So, there you have it chickens – ZFBs’ newest skincare line is ace. Epic. Rad. A must-buy! I know I will be racing out to the stores and picking up some of the skin-oil – lord knows this body could use a little pep up after the past week of being ill/rundown/overworked. 
Luc X

Images- Zoe Foster Blake/Go-To
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