Finding the perfect winter jacket is like trying to find narnia in you cupboard- doable, but overwhelming.. and you most likely need to be drunk to find it. Never fear my fellow sober comrades, I have the perfect solution to all your whimsical jacket dilemmas and it comes in the oh-so-not-what-you-thought shape of Millers– your winters’ quest has a new style destination! 

Wearing 3/4 Sleeve Boucle Jacket from Millers
Winter is coming, and not of the Game of Thrones style! Winter fashion has just hit the stores, and Millers is the place to go for jackets of the well-priced variety, ladies! 
When I think Millers, I do have a tendency to think “older”. But, I was pretty darn amazed with some of the seriously rad and on-trend pieces that they had – and had to snap up a bargain for myself. And boy, oh boy, I am so glad I did. 
I nabbed myself this stylish 3/4 sleeve boucle jacket that is all kinds of warm. I have worn it way too many times to work, the footy and breakfast, and have started to notice that the compliments are a piling up. Every time I tell them where it is from, a short gasp ensues, and a cluttering of iPhone-pulling-out and online browsing starts (dear Telstra, you might want to thank me for churning up all my friends data from Millers browsing). I apologise in advanced if I have gotten you hooked on Millers dear friends – don’t hate! 
Millers was established in 1993 and today is Australia’s largest women’s apparel retailer with over 350 stores nationally, a further 28 stores in New Zealand and a growing online store.They offer current, comfortable style with a focus on versatile outfit building. Their value is outstanding as you can see by my current faves in their jacket collection below.
Millers Long Sleeve Rose Print Jacket
Seriously, when does floral prints ever go out of fashion?! The answer is never, people!
Millers Double Breasted Melton Coat
Double breasted, fitted coats are an essential for the chillier months. They ensure kidneys are adequately warmed, whilst looking ever so glam.
Millers Animal Trench Coat
I have always been besotted with animal print, and trenches. So, when these two favourites birthed this jacket, I knew it was going to become a winter must-have. 
Millers 3/4 Sleeve Boucle Jacket
Clearly my favourite by far (seeing as I purchased it), this sophisticated beauty won me over thanks to its classic style and warmness. Throw on a few pearls, and I am dead-set on my way to being a regal German Princess… or so I like to think! Why am I still single?!

All can be found AT Millers

These jackets work fabulously teamed with a high-waisted black jean and plain white tea, or would even work with an evening look. Whatever look you are after, Millers is sure to have a solution that wont cost you the earth and that you will just love!

Winter is coming – Millers has you covered!
Luc X
** This is a sponsored post. I was kindly gifted this jacketThis did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. Please refer to my policy and disclaimer for more information.
Images- own and Millers
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